February 27th, 2012

Big Pretzel 1

Getting down to the wire...

Hey, all!

We're getting down to the end of the month, which means our first round of contests will be drawing to a close!

If you're new to the comm, or if the entries slipped on past without your noticing (not hard to imagine, given all the posts we've had in the past 10 days), here are the links:

The Icon Contest -- The Fic Contest -- The Graphics Contest -- The Cheerleading Contest

Entries will close at midnight EST on Wednesday, February 29.  That still gives you two full days to enter -- so if you've got fic, icons, or larger graphics to share with the comm, and you'd like to win a gorgeous banner and a package of LJ tokens (good for extending your paid time or purchasing LJ merchandise), get in there and post!  If you're not a writer or artist, and you'd like to become a BigPretzel Cheerio, comment!!  Leave some love for your fellow members.  Promote the comm at your own journal.  Drop the mods a line with suggestions for new publicity.  Wave those pom poms!

COMING UP IN MARCH:  More Spotlight Guests.  (We're pretty sure you'll love the first one!)  Our first fic exchange.  A very special charity fundraiser.  An art challenge.  Meta.  Lol-worthy picspams.  The continuation of our round-robin Prank Wars.  And of course, more fic, graphics and vids from your fellow members!

As always, if you're not seeing something you'd like to have us feature, let us know!

Your mods,
ficwriter1966, auntmo9 and saberivojo


*waves hello*

I've been nudged to say hello and pimp myself link some of the silly things I've written. I had a hard time narrowing them down so there's a few of them. (All items below are Gen in nature.)

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I've written a lot of silly/funny/schmoopy things for this show over the years; if you like these, lots more can be found at my Supernatural Fanfic Index or Other Stuff Index.