February 25th, 2012

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Fic: Road to the Apocalypse

This is a fic that I wrote for the first (and only) Big Bang that I have done (so far), last year's sabriel_mini. The fic is based on/similar to the Bing Crosby and Bob Hope Road to movies, but you don't need to have seen any of those films to enjoy or understand the fic. The prologue is slightly serious, but then the comedy takes off once you get into the first chapter.

Title: Road to the Apocalypse
Artist: [info]viviantanner
Genre: Gen; Comedy/Humor
Characters: Gabriel, Sam, Dean, Cas
Rating: PG-13 for language
Warnings: Language; while the overall fic is a comedy, because it takes place during the Apocalypse there are mentions of massacres and a mention of a past run-in with a pedophile. Spoilers through 5.19 Hammers of the Gods, though it goes AU after 5.10 Abandon All Hope

Word Count: 18,881 words

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters. Nor do I own any of the Road to films or any of the other dozen or so television shows referenced herein. This was all just written for my enjoyment and hopefully yours as well.

Summary: Shortly after the events at Carthage, on a seemingly normal hunt, Dean and Cas disappear. Not knowing who else to turn to and fearing the worst, Sam asks Gabriel for his help in locating both of their brothers. In return, Sam reluctantly agrees that Gabriel can feel free to try and convince Sam to play his role in the Apocalypse, he just isn’t making any promises that he will consent to anything.

                What follows next is an adventure that pays tribute to the Bing Crosby and Bob Hope Road to movies, with a trip to a carnival where Sam has to wrestle an octopus. And Dean and Cas have disappeared into a unique set of problems of their own, leaving Dean to suspect that Sam might be in more trouble than he realizes.

Masterpost here at my LJ

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Question from the noob...

Would anyone here be interested in reading SPN fic that's highly AU, het/gen, curtain!fic and strong on schmoop? My writing partner in crime, platinumrosel, and I have written a number of fics for a verse that contains a lot of the above, but we don't have much of a readership. I just wanted to ask for interested people before I post anything, not wanting to share where it's not wanted. Thanks!

Feel free to read my fic at ff.net and leave reviews...

http://www.fanfiction.net/~kadysn - It includes not only my SPN fic/drabbles, but a few fics for other fandoms.
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"Bugs and the Happy Box"

TITLE: Bugs and the Happy Box
CHARACTERS: Dean, his wife Jamie, their sons Ethan and Seth, other OCs
GENRE: Gen, schmoop
RATING: G, for the most part; maybe a little PG in parts
LENGTH: unsure, but there's seven short chapters. It's not a huge fic.
SUMMARY: Daddy's sick. He's got nasty bugs in him, and Ethan and Seth are determined to get rid of them for him.

If you have a ff.net account, comments and reviews are most appreciated once you read. Thanks, and enjoy! If you like this, I'll post more.

Two boys in a bed fun - NOT SLASH

I posted these stories yonks ago over on my journal, but this seems like a perfect place to give them another airing; so here we go with two tales of the brothers Winchester (very) unwillingly sharing a bed. 

No spoilers, no canon and no slash in either of these stories, but plenty of silliness, bodily harm, humiliation and snarkiness.

And I don't own them, wishing on a star did me no good at all!


Take two brothers, the mother of all head colds and one bed ... what do you get? Poor, poor Sammy knows the answer; serious brother-induced sleep deprivation.

Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Word Count: approx 4,500



Written as a sister (or should that be brother) fic to my 'Two Boys In A Bed' saga; Deprivation. How's it go? Take two brothers, add a bad back, a hotel from hell and one bed and what do you get?

One seriously snarky older brother and a night to forget ...

Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Word Count: approx 5,000


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Vid - My Brother

First post here, just found the place today and think it's a wonderful idea, as much as I love the pain and angst, the comedy the show has always brought us deserves to shine and this is such a lovely idea.  Thanks so much and I hope to spend some time this week going back over the entries I've missed.

I don't do many comedy vids, so not much to share,  but I do have this one I think might do the trick.

TITLE:  My Brother, an essay by Sammy Sam Winchester, aged 7 27 - and three quarters
CHARACTERS: Dean and Sam
GENRE: - um - ridiculous crack? 
RATING: oh, very low... PG13
SPOILERS: - nope.
LENGTH: 2.20

All the links, embed and download here at my vidding journal, hope to make you smile. 
Brothers Batman

SPN FIC - Sugar Rush

Brand-new fic -- just for you guys!

Dark night.  Cramped little car.  The boys are on stakeout, and they're starving.

But Dean's got a solution.

CHARACTERS:  Sam and Dean
LENGTH:  2000 words

Obligingly, Dean hauls open the driver's door, flips the seat back forward, and – with an entire chorus of grunts and groans – stuffs his booty into the back seat.  It's only then, when the bag's been squashed and bent and shoved to the point that it's a miracle it hasn't burst, that Sam understands beyond a shadow of a doubt what's inside.

Sugar Rush )
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Ya'll want more schmoop? I got one here for you that'll fit the bill. I wrote it right after "Swan Song," knowing when season six started it'd be immediately "Gambled." I wanted to write what happened with Dean after Sam jumped into the pit, and I wanted to bring Sam home where he belonged. As it turned out, not everything about the story was Gambled. At least I got the germ of the idea right. Read, enjoy, and leave me feedback at ff.net if you would.

TITLE: Legacy
CHARACTERS: Dean, Sam, Lisa, Ben, Bobby, other OCs; Cas, Chuck, Lucifer and Michael mentioned.
RATING: PG mainly for the occasional curse word
SUMMARY: Dean kept his promise to his brother. It hadn't been what he'd wanted, but he did as asked, and now, years later, his past comes back to face him. This is a series of drabbles, in chapter format.


Cow Tipping


Title: Cow Tipping
Author:  Saberivojo
Characters: John, Teen!Sam, Teen!Dean 
Warnings/Rating:  Gen.Some potty mouth...PG-13 
Summary: Summer in Cow Country.  Not a damn ghost in sight.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not getting paid. Just like playing with the boys. No cows were harmed during the writing of said fic.

tanpopo03  asked for the below prompt and I thought it was so cool that I had to try.

HAPPY making teen!chester gen fic. I need to forget about all the doom and gloom for a bit. Something revolving around summer, them being silly and not not-trusting each other. *nods*

oxoniensis Fandom Free All is going on and I just had to jump on the wagon.
chemm80 Thanks for putting up with me.  My lack of POV. You deserve a beta award.  Like an an academy award except much much better.  You are amazing.  Of course any mistakes are my own.