February 22nd, 2012

Dean I Smell Pie
  • auntmo9

What's that? You are looking for a fun icon?

Are you in need of a fun icon to use while posting or commenting on spn_bigpretzel?

Looking for a specific type of zanny icon that you are hoping your fellow fans have seen out there somewhere?

Better yet, maybe you have a bunch of light-hearted icons thanks to a wonderful icon maker you found.

Then this is the post to share the desires of your icon heart. Where you can credit those hard-working, talented icon-makers and point your fellow comm members in their direction so we can all share in the fun-loving lolz icons we have found.

I will start us off. I have found some of my favorite icons recently in three places (I am not posting samples, per request of icon makers, but you can see them on their journals):

1) At the piewrangler. This is the name of the graphics journal by iwantpie. Plenty of fitting icons for a community that celebrates beer, pretzels and PIE! I also like how the journal entries have the episode titles in them, so if I am looking for something from a specific SPN episode, I can scroll through by title!

2) At icon_whisper. This is the name of the graphics journal by morgentau. There are also some very nice choices there. This icon maker takes request, though due a a move to Ireland, they are on hiatus right now.

3) Last but not least, one of our own members, acuarella_117 has some wonder animated icons on her journal.

So what type of icons are you looking for? What kind of fun ones have you found? Share with all of us in the comments!

And don't forget our icon contest, if you are an icon maker, or know one (let them know about it).
Happy Dean 1 beer

You just gotta have friends...

phebemarie had a request for us: that we get a friending meme started, so that you guys can get to know each other, and possibly add some new buds to your f-list.

Sounds good to us!

Let's get things underway, now that we've got almost 200 people at the party!  Tell us a little about yourself.  Favorite SPN character?  Favorite moment?  Are you a writer, artist, vidder?  Is this your first fandom, or are you a veteran in the fandom world?  What are your other favorite shows, movies, musicians?

And since we're the home of the lolz -- what makes you laugh?

Have fun, guys!  Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

(If anyone can point me to the original source of the gif, I'd love to credit them!)