February 21st, 2012

Happy Dean 2 sandwich

Show Brings the Funny!

Nothing like a good poll to help the day go by! So here's our first one: which of the comedic episodes of SPN brought the most lolz for you?

Poll #1820729 Show brings the funny!

And your favorite comedic episode of SPN is...

Hell House
Tall Tales
Bad Day at Black Rock
Mystery Spot
Monster Movie
Yellow Fever
Changing Channels
Weekend at Bobby's
Clap Your Hands If You Believe
The French Mistake
Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

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Fic - His Boys

Title:  His Boys
Author:  Saberivojo
Characters:  John, Sam and Dean
Warning/Rating:  PG for potty mouth
Genre:  Gen
Disclaimer:  I own nothing, just like playing with the boys.

Summary:  John has a job for the boys. Two teenagers and 90 plus Georgia heat is a recipe for disaster.

Notes:  Written for the lovely ficwriter1966  who purchased me from Help Japan Fandom Auction -  help-japan.livejournal.com/  This was first time anyone has bought my fic.  It made me both proud and worried!    A special thank you to gaelicspirit who helped me as both beta and cheerleader.  Not to mention all around good friend.  Thank you.

Undercover Sammy

Your February wish list

Dear spn_bigpretzel:  I wish you'd have more...


Got a request?  Or a dozen?

This comm is for you guys -- we're here to brighten your day by offering you the best in SPN giggles and schmoop!  Four days in business, more than 60 posts, but we're not sure which parts of the comm are successful, and which parts are just drifting on by.

So please -- let us know!  Is there something you're hoping to see that we haven't offered yet?  More focus on a particular character?  More vids?  More interaction?  Don't be shy; hop on in here and speak your mind!

Dean Sam Cheers
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Prank Wars Update: Let's Get Started!

We have had eight people signed up so far! Woo Hoo!

 Thank you to mamapranayama, jennytork, phebemarie, zzxjoanw, summerholt, candygramme, and monicawoe for signing up to participate. I will be a part of the craziness, too. I am looking forward to seeing everything that you guys bring to the table!

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ETA: to correct typos. Forgive any remaining mistakes
ETA: changes to the basics, links to chapters

The Product of Boredom
Part 1 by mamapranayama
Part 2 bymonicawoe
Part 3 by zzxjoanw
Part 4 by phebemarie
Part 5 by mamapranayama
Part 6 by summerholt
Part 7 by auntmo9

Comment Fic Filled: "Dude, it's Meat Loaf"

Title: Dude, it's Meat Loaf
Characters: Sam, Dean
Pairing: gen
Rating: PG-13 for language
Wordcount: ~1700
Written to fill the comment fic meme: Sam's had an annoying day. Not a terrible-horrible-no good-very bad day, not a Bad Day at Black Rock kind of day, just one of those days where doing the simplest things seems to never go quite right, i.e, restaurant can't get his order right, coffee shop out of his favorite blend, etc. Nothing majorly angsty, just minor annoyances that put Sam in a grouchy mood. Cue amused!Dean cheering his brother up.
Prompted By: kate_mct

Dude, it's Meat Loaf!