Dizzojay's Dean Dreams (dizzojay) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,
Dizzojay's Dean Dreams

Morning all ...

Great work so far, Team Dean, our team Captain would be proud!

So, without further ado, here's a little something that I wrote recently ...


A missing scene from 7.03, The Girl next Door (vague spoilers) ... Dean's finding out that a bad situation can actually be rather good under the right circumstances!
Word count: 100
Genre: Humour:
Rating: K+

Whooping with joyful exhilaration, he sat tight on the galloping unicorn's back, clinging to it's silvery flanks.

It leapt exuberantly into the rhinestone sky, leaving behind it a rolling, dreamy landscape dotted with pizza trees and beer lakes, soaring across the crystal bright clouds. It swooped deeply and tossed a mist of stardust from it's ivory mane. A floating kaleidoscope illuminated its wake, tracing the perfect arc of a rainbow which billowed along behind it.

In the sunlit distance, Hendrix saluted them with a screaming riff.


Dean gave a crooked, drug-addled smile.

This freakin' morphine was well worth breaking his leg for.



Tags: fanart, fic: gen, team dean

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