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Fic - Nothing Says "Sorry" Like a Bottle of Sassoon

Title: Nothing Says "Sorry" Like a Bottle of Sassoon
Author: strgazr04
Rating: PG
Genre: SPN Gen. Humor. regretful!Sammy & snarkybutloveable!Dean
Word count: 515
Author's notes: A deleted scene from A Sensitive Secret. Sam's POV.

Summary: While trying to decipher Dean's new affinity for hair products, Sam underestimates his brother. Out on a supply run, he decides to make it up to him.

Nothing Says "Sorry" Like a Bottle of Sassoon )

I posted this a little while ago at my journal but I couldn't resist posting it here for Team Dean. I just love the idea that Dean would be obsessed over his hair hehe!

Tags: dean, fic: gen, rating: pg, sam, team dean

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