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All right, folks -- here are our teams!

TEAM DEANangelus2hot, amberdreams, lolaann1, jennytork, dizzojay, xenia_27, tifaching, phebemarie, nesmith, strgazr04, tattooeddevil, cordy69, twisted_slinky, wayward_idjit, and deans_fetish!

TEAM SAMcolls, mamapranayama, vexed_wench, carole_cc, dollysdoodles, weesta, monicawoe, licklesoxy, eyestoowide, mandraco, annie46, just_ruth, zzxjoanw, nomdeplume13, andlady_simoriah!

Ladies, remember the rules:

1)  The challenge begins tonight, Wednesday, July 11, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, and ends on Friday, August 17, at 11:22 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.  Anything posted before or after that time period won't be counted in your final tally.

2)  Each of your contributions should be in a separate post. They can be any of the following: your own fic or art; a rec for someone else's fic or art; an episode review; a picspam; meta on some aspect of your "Team Captain" (Dean or Sam); a chain of drabbles; or ... anything else you can come up with! Let your imagination run wild. :)  Please tag your posts: Team Sam or Team Dean.

3)  Each contribution must be focused on your Team Captain, and should reflect the spirit of the comm.  (For you newbies, that's "The Sunnier Side of Supernatural."  Humor.  Fun.  Schmoop.  If you're not sure whether your contribution fits, drop me a PM.

4)  Each post is worth 5 points. Each participating member of the team that's scored the most points at the end of the challenge wins a copy  of the upcoming SPN tie-in novel Rite of Passage by John Passarella.  And, the mods will make a donation of $50 in the team's name to the charity of their choice. (The winning charity will be selected by votes among the team members.) If you can top 250 points, we'll make it a $100 donation.

5)  Need some bonus points? You'll score 5 points for each new comm member you recruit -- all they need to do is PM me and say, "So-and-so convinced me to join the comm."

Those of you on the sidelines -- remember to cheer these folks on!  Prompt them, inspire them, comment on their work.  Wave those pom-poms!  And, good luck to the teams!
Tags: challenges, team dean, team sam

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