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Prank Wars Update: Let's Get Started!

We have had eight people signed up so far! Woo Hoo!

 Thank you to mamapranayama, jennytork, phebemarie, zzxjoanw, summerholt, candygramme, and monicawoe for signing up to participate. I will be a part of the craziness, too. I am looking forward to seeing everything that you guys bring to the table!

mamapranayama got us started when she filled elliemurasaki's  initial prompt for a prank war by writing The Product of Boredom. We can immediately jump from there, or have the memory of it all pop into Sam or Dean’s mind (when Sam gets served horseradish by mistake at diner or when the magic fingers are not working at motel they check into) and one of them decides to pick it up from there- whoever picks it up next gets to decide.

 A couple of basics:

  1. Let’s keep all of our individuals entries Gen, so we keep continuity between the ‘chapters’, though if there are mentions of past relationships the boys had, I think that is alright (what brother doesn’t tease his sibling about things like that, especially in the middle of a prank war?)
  2. Your chapter can be as long (or short) as you are inspired to write, but preferably one prank each from each brother on the other (Dean pranks Sam and Sam pays back the favor). There is no minimum word count.
  3. I thought we would try this game-show style, where the first person who “hits the buzzer” and says “I will take the next one”, then will write the next installment and try to post in with in 2-3 days. After it is posted, then the next person in the group who is inspired to “hit the buzzer” will jump in by commenting in their post  coming back here to say they will go next, and so on and so forth.
  4. Hopefully, we will be inspired by one another’s work and pranks, but I would also like to see us encourage one another, so feel free to stock up ammunition, ideas, prompts, etc right here in this post.
  5. A a big THANK YOU to [info]likiel for our amazing Prank Wars Banner! Please feel free to use it when posting your entry to the community.
  6. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. In fact before we jump into it, we can take a bit of time to ask questions, adjust the basics (because really, these aren't hard and fast rules, they are just a starting place).
  7. We will use this post as our Masterpost for all of the chapters we do. I will update it with links to each part as they are complete.
  8. You can access this post via the link on the sidebar of spn_bigpretzel's main page. The link is titled Prank Wars Round Robin Style and it will lead you straight here.

So, who has questions, comments, etc.? Or is someone ready to "hit the buzzer" and jump into the next prank after The Product of Boredom?

ETA: to correct typos. Forgive any remaining mistakes
ETA: changes to the basics, links to chapters

The Product of Boredom
Part 1 by mamapranayama
Part 2 bymonicawoe
Part 3 by zzxjoanw
Part 4 by phebemarie
Part 5 by mamapranayama
Part 6 by summerholt
Part 7 by auntmo9
Tags: comment fic, dean, fic: gen, prank wars, round robin, sam, season 2
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