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The 10th Spn_BigPretzel Spring Fic Exchange

The nights are drawing out, the daffodils are appearing and doing their daffodilly stuff, and dare I say it, the sun has even managed to shine on occasion. That can only mean one thing…

Spring’s in the air!  (At least, here in the northern hemisphere – sorry, lovely Southern Hemisphere peeps!)

And when Spring is in the air, a fangirl’s mind turns to… oh, stop sniggering at the back …

The spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange!

Last year, we ran our 9th Spring Fic Exchange, so even anyone with a similar grasp of arithmetic to me should be able to work out that this year, we are in the monumental position of celebrating:

Now, ten years is a huge milestone for any fandom event, so let’s see if we can make this year’s version of our flagship challenge bigger and better than ever (and although our numbers may have dwindled a little in recent years, it has to be said that 'better' is a high, high bar!)

This is the sign-up post FOR AUTHORS who wish to participate in the 10th Annual spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange.

ARTISTS will sign-up at a later date, once we know how many stories need illustrating.  And, yes, you can participate as both an author and an artist if you wish.

How long does the fic have to be? A minimum of 1000 words.  The sky is the limit if your muse is well and truly prodded, but don't get too ambitious.  Remember, you're writing this as a gift and you have limited time.  We don't want anyone to go giftless or receive an incomplete gift when the final posting date comes.

How does it work for authors?
Anyone who wants to participate must include 3-5 prompts as a comment on this post and list any preferences they may have (see questionnaire below). When author claiming starts, you will claim a person, not just one of their prompts. That person -- along with all of their prompts -- then gets crossed off the "available" list. .

How does it work for artists? Midway through the process, we'll ask each author to post a short blurb about their story so that the artists who'd like to participate can stake a claim. (Artists are expected to produce a story banner as a minimum, but if inspiration strikes, then have at it!)  The author and the artist should work together to produce the best outcome for each other and for the original prompter!

As last year’s schedule seemed to work well enough, we’re going to run along very similar lines this year:

2021 Schedule (may be subject to very minor changes)

Prompt Posting: Friday March 5th - Sunday March 14th

Author Claiming: Monday March 15th - Sunday March 21st

Posting of story synopsis for artist claiming: Friday 23rd April

Finished story/art posting: Friday May 21st onwards (posting period will depend on number of participants)

Please copy and paste the questions below into the comments and fill in the blanks to post your prompts.

Remember, this is spn_bigpretzel, so keep the prompts light in tone.  No dark!fic, no heartbreak or angst, nothing intended to depress the reader for weeks, and no RPF, please.

Think humorous, cracky, zany, fluffy or just downright sweet ...  and crossover prompts are more than welcome as long as they, too are light or humorous and the main focus is on Supernatural.

Knowing you all as I do, I'm sure it doesn't need to be said, but please don't bash in your preferences. If you *really* dislike a certain character, genre, story arc, etc, bear in mind that not everyone will share your views, so please be respectful!

Now, GO FOR IT you awesome BigPretzellers, and post those prompts!!

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