JJ1564 (jj1564) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,

DEW Drabble - The Kline Strain

Title: The Kline Strain
Character: Castiel
Word Count: 100
Rating: pg
Summary: Castiel has never understood viruses.
Prompt: the DEW challenge on spn_bigpretzel – Theme: viruses; Character: Cas.

Castiel had never understood the purpose of viruses. Why would God create something with the potential to cause harm and havoc? He had rarely voiced such questions during his long years as a loyal soldier.

He had asked one of his superiors after the Spanish Flu and been told that it was a good thing for humans to know something so small and seemingly insignificant could wipe them off the planet.

Castiel smiled as it occurred to him that Jack had been like a virus to Chuck – small and seemingly insignificant but strong enough to wipe his power from the planet.
Tags: author:jj1564, castiel, chuck, dew, drabble, fic: gen, jack, rating: pg

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