JJ1564 (jj1564) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,

DEW Drabble - Precisely

Title: Precisely
Characters: Charlie, Sam and Dean
Word Count: 100
Rating: pg
Summary: Watching Lord of the Rings brings out the inner geek…
Prompt: the DEW challenge on spn_bigpretzel – Theme: being late; Character: Any.

It was Bunker movie night; Dean had grumbled when Sam and Charlie rejected Die Hard, but was happy with Charlie’s suggestion of Lord of the Rings.

They managed to keep quiet until Gandalf arrived in The Shire, when Charlie and Dean said in perfect synch along with him…

A wizard is never late. nor is he early; he arrives precisely when he means to.”

“And you call me geek-boy!” Sam retorted.

“Sam, you know the best people are geeks.” Charlie grinned. “Plus, don't tell me you weren’t saying it, even if not aloud.”

“Okay, you got me there.” Sam smiled.
Tags: author:jj1564, charlie, dean, dew, drabble, fic: gen, rating: pg, sam

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