Lego-wizard-hobo (prufrock_26) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,

SPN Fic: Header

Title:  Header
Characters:  Sam, Dean
Genre: Gen
Rating:  PG-13 for some language
Word Count:  1560
Spoilers:  Set mid-S5; reference to several major plot arcs from S1 on.
Summary:  Written for the current comment-fic meme at hoodie_time, for this anonymous prompt:  Dean joins in with a group of kids for a kick about soccer game during some down time in a small town. With Sam enjoying watching his older brother finally having some fun, Dean's frivolity suddenly comes to an abrupt end when he's smashed full in the face from close range with the ball by one of the bigger kids!
Disclaimer:  I do not own the anonymous soccer mom; just making use of her facial tissues.  


Tags: comment fic, dean, fic: gen, lolz, rating: pg, sam, season 5

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