kingstoken wrote in spn_bigpretzel

Spring Fic Exchange: Memory Lane

Title: Memory Lane

Recipient: jj1564 

Author: kingstoken 

Artist: dizzojay 

Warnings/Spoilers: Takes place after 15x08

Rating: G

Characters: Adam Milligan, Michael

Genre: Road Trip, Pre-Slash

Word count: 2800 words

Original prompt: Adam and Michael decide to go for a road-trip across America, with Adam showing Michael where he lived and went to college along the way.

Story summary: Adam wants to show Michael all the places he talked about for the past ten years, so they go on a journey, visiting several sites, but Michael realizes that there is one place Adam is avoiding, his childhood home.

Author's Notes: Dear recipient this supposedly fun road trip story turned out to be angstier than I originally intended, Adam just has a lot of baggage, however, I do think it has a hopeful tone overall, and I really hope you enjoy it.

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