tifaching (tifaching) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,

Big Pretzels

Title: Big Pretzels
Author: tifaching
Characters: Jamie, Dean
Genre: het
Rating: PG
Summary:  It's not the lederhosen that haunts Dean's dreams.
A/N:  Written for the prompt:  "horror" at  [info]writerverse   and the National Pretzel Day drabble challenge at [info]spn_bigpretzel   

“Sleep tight, G-man,” Jamie whispers, brushing a kiss over Dean’s slack lips.  With the horrors he must face every day she’s amazed he can sleep at all, but he’s out like a post-orgasmic light.  His eyes are moving under closed lids and she hopes his dreams are good ones.

Dean spent last night in lederhosen; strapped to Frankenstein’s workbench in Dracula’s castle/condo, but other images haunt his dreams.  It’s Oktoberfest and giant pretzels are menacing his barwench and his beer.  The shotgun’s loaded with his trusty mustard shells and the big pretzels go down, bright yellow spattering their salty corpses.

Tags: challenges, dean, drabbles, fic: het, rating: pg, season 4

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