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Fic exchangers -- it's almost time!

Just one week to go before posting time! So it's time to report - how are you doing?

Checking in!

I'm ready!
Almost done - tidying things up!
I'm hard at work - I'll get there on time!
I need a lifeboat and a Coast Guard rescue chopper!

Authors - you can post your completed, illustrated work anytime on May 2 - and that's May 2 where *you* are, regardless of what time zone you're in. Artists, feel free to post your art at your own LJ ahead of time so that your author can access it, or pop it up on Photobucket or some other image-sharing site, whatever works best for you.

Authors, your finished work can be posted here, or at your own LJ - but please do post *something* here so that your fellow Pretzels know your story is ready! We ask that you not cross-post to other comms for one week, so that Party Central can remain here at BigPretzel for a little while.

If you have any questions, or need emergency help, sing out! If you can't finish by May 2, we understand (RL can be its own kind of fugly sometimes), but the goal is to get all 16 stories up for everyone to enjoy on Sam's special day.

Good luck, everyone!

(Thanks to mandraco for the banner!)
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