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Spotlight Character - heeeeeeeere's Sammy!

It's a darn good Job super Sammy is so awesome.  He has to put up with so much!!!

Unfortunately I don't own Sam, his brother or anything associated with them :(

Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Word Count: 100

The sun goes down on a successful troll hunt deep in a remote forest; successful, that is, until Dean gets bored. What a good job Sam's got his cellphone ...

"Hey Bobby; how ya doin'?"

" ? "

"Well that's kinda why I'm calling …"

" ? "

"No, the troll hunt went great, no problems at all."

" ? "

"Well, Dean got bored while we packed up."

" ! "

"Yeah, Bobby; I know he is!"

" ? "

"He decided to carve 'Sam stinks' into a tree trunk."

" ! "

"Yep, he sure is!"

" ? "

"Turns out it was a dryad."

" ? "

"Well, his broken nose has stopped bleedin' now, but you won't believe what she did with his penknife …"

" ! "

"Thanks Bobby – see you in a few hours."

" …"

Sam glanced at the watery-eyed, groaning figure sprawled on the forest floor beside him.

Man, it was gonna be a long night ...



But sometimes, just sometimes, he get a chance to get his own back ...

Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Word Count: 100

Sam sees a golden opportunity for some serious uninterrupted teasing and is determined to make the most of it …

Dean clutched his swollen neck, grimacing in pain as his sore, dry throat burned …

" …. nngks ….."

Sam handed him a glass of water.

"What did the Doctor say?"

" …hhhcchhgiiss…"

"What's that Dean?"

" … aaarrrrnnjjjhhhiiss …"


" …. aaangiiiidddiiiiss …"


Dean scowled.

"Angle grinders?"

The scowl turned into a murderous glare

"Hang gliders?"

Dean croaked in frustrated rage, firing a rude gesture at his brother.

"Two hang gliders?"

Sam grinned.

"Dude, you do sound rough!"

" … laaarngiiidddus laaarngiiidddus laaarngiiidddus !…"

"Oh, laryngitis … why didn't you say so, dude!"

" … b . i …ccch …"



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