JJ1564 (jj1564) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,

DEW Drabble: You Can't Hide

Title: You Can’t Hide
Characters: Dean and Sam
Word Count: 100
Rating: pg13 for f-bomb!

Prompt: spn_bigpretzel DEW - theme: Fireworks; characters: Sam and Dean
Summary: Dean gets injured by a vicious firework.

“I can’t go back, not yet,” Dean groaned, torn between wiping the tears off his burnt face and leaving them there as it was so sore.

“C’mon, you need to get cold water on your face,” Sam tugged his hand.

“But dad might be back, and he’ll be so mad,” Dean rubbed his stinging eyes.

“You didn’t mean to hurt yourself; you were just being a good brother,” Sam replied, ever his defender.

He reached out and tousled Sam’s too-long hair. “Fuckin’ vicious firework. Sammy, please don’t tell dad.”

“Um, Dean, I think he’ll notice that your eyebrows are missing.”
Tags: author:jj1564, dean, dew, drabble, fic: gen, rating: pg-13, sam, weechesters
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