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Nothing's Ever Been Better

Challenge/Prompt: spn_bigpretzel Fireworks/Sam and Dean Winchester
Title: Nothing’s Ever Been Better
Author: jdl71
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 740
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Summary: Sam and Dean reminisce while watching fireworks.

Sam took a deep breath and smiled. They didn’t get many days or nights like this; no worries, nothing to hunt, nothing trying to kill them. There was no way he was letting anything ruin their well deserved time off. Leaning back against the Impala’s windshield, he folded his arms behind his head and looked up into the dark sky. He heard the clinking of bottles and raised his head to look in the direction of the noise. He tracked the movement of his brother as Dean walked toward him, holding out a cold bottle of beer to him. Extending his hand, he gladly accepted the offered drink. “Thanks,” he said as he turned back to look up at the sky. He felt the tremor of anticipation begin to build and run through his body.

The Impala shifted as Dean climbed onto the hood to join Sam. Taking a sip of his beer, he looked over at his brother and smiled as he watched Sam staring up into the night sky. He knew Sam couldn’t wait for the fireworks to start; the kid had always loved watching them, and so did he. He leaned against the windshield, tilting his head his up so he could see the display when it started.

Sam took a sip of beer and then scooted closer to Dean until their thighs were pressed together. It didn’t matter that he was in his thirties, with Dean nearing his forties, he still found himself doing that whenever they were watching fireworks. The act brought him back to the first time Dean had taken him to watch the fireworks all those years ago. To this day, he didn’t think their father had ever found out that they had disobeyed his order to stay locked inside the safety of their motel room. They had walked to the park, nearly two miles away from their motel, to see those fireworks and still nothing surpassed what he had seen that night.

The first loud bang caught him off-guard and he reached out for Dean’s hand, laughing as he realized he had done the exact thing that night.

Feeling the pressure of Sam’s hand in his, Dean looked down at the joined hands and then up at Sam. A fond smile came to his lips, “You did the same thing the first time I took you,” he said as Sam let go of his hand.

“Yeah, I remember,” he breathed out and then looked up when he heard a whistling sound to see the night sky burst into sparkling red lights that flashed over them and then faded away. “So cool.” Another bang sounded as another firework exploded, separating into yellow comets that continued to shoot straight up until they burned out. He felt Dean nudging him with his shoulder to get his attention.

“Did you see that one? That’s new,” Dean commented, not hiding the awe in his voice.

“Yeah, that was pretty cool.” Sam took another sip of his beer and settled back against the windshield, waiting for the next firework to go off. They continued to watch the display in relative silence, only making sounds of appreciation when one of the fireworks awed them.

As the finale ended, Sam looked over at Dean. “Thanks for tonight. For all the times you took me, even when . . .”

“You were being a punk?” Dean supplied and then drained the last of his beer.

“You remembered that?” Sam asked in a shocked voice and then heard Dean chuckling.

“Yeah, pretty hard to forget. You sat there, shooting daggers at me. You couldn’t wait to leave and then suddenly you wanted to stay.” Dean gave a shrug of his shoulders and then slid off the hood to stand beside the car.

“Sorry.” Sam ducked his head and gave Dean a sideways glance. “About that and when I took off . . .”

“Don’t sweat it.” Dean held out his hand, waiting for Sam to hand him his empty bottle. “We both’ve done thing, let’s just leave it at that.” He deposited the empties into a plastic bag, leaving it on the backseat before he closed the door and opened his. “You getting in or what?”

“Huh? Yeah.” Sam slid off the hood and joined Dean. As Dean started the car, he looked over at him. “Nothing’s ever been better than that first fireworks display we snuck out to see.”

Dean smiled and nodded, “You got that right.”
Tags: dean, drabbles, sam
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