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Not Interested

Challenge/Prompt: spn_bigpretzel Fireworks/Sam and Dean Winchester
Title: Not Interested
Author: jdl71
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 465
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Summary: Sam reluctantly watches the fireworks with Dean.

The first time Sam saw fireworks, he was a little kid. He and Dean had slipped out of their motel room one night while their dad was away on a hunt and Dean had decided they needed to have a little fun and just be kids. He could still remember the thrill of watching the fireworks exploding over his head, watching as the lights cascade, setting off the darkened sky in awe inspiring colors. He had never seen anything like it before and he had been hooked, wanting to see more, wondering when they would go off again until the show had ended and Dean had pulled him up off the old, worn blanket, reluctantly being dragged behind as they headed back to their room.

Now, as he sat here with Dean, a sullen teen, he wasn’t so thrilled. He eyed Dean as he looked up into the night sky. His older brother still wore that same smile, growing wider with each thundering boom or bang as fireworks exploded overhead. The colors were still pretty, with interesting patterns, but to be honest, he’d rather be anywhere than stuck in some field surrounded by people he didn’t care about. Or Dean. He just wanted his space.

“Hey, did you see that one?” Dean asked as he knocked shoulders with Sam.

“Yeah, whatever,” he shot back sourly, with a scowl on his face.

Dean turned to look at Sam, wondering what was up with him. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

Sam huffed out in annoyance. What was wrong? Where did he start? “Is this almost over?”

The smile slipped from Dean’s face at Sam’s words. “Come on, you love fireworks.”

“Loved, past tense,” he shot back, feeling the need to make his point. “I’m not a kid anymore.”

“Yeah, okay, Sammy, you’re right, you’re not. I guess we can go if you’re not enjoying yourself,” Dean said quietly as he stood up, grabbed the old, worn blanket and started for the Impala.

Seeing Dean’s reaction had Sam stopping in his tracks. Dean’s shoulders were slumped as he walked, not bothering to look back at him. In that instance, he realized it wasn’t about the fireworks for Dean, but them spending time together. “Hey, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to stay to the end,” he offered as he ran to catch up, pulling the blanket from Dean’s hand and spreading it out.


“Yeah, come on, sit down already,” Sam huffed out and then patted the spot next to him. He looked up to see that the wide grin was back on Dean’s face. As Dean situated himself next to him, he knocked their shoulders together and offered Dean a grin of his own before he was pulled into looking up into the sky as shimmers of light sparkled overhead.
Tags: dean, drabbles, sam
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