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Spring Fic Exchange: It's A Dog's Life for Disneymagics

Written for the spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange
Recipent: disneymagics
Author: dizzojay
Artist: twisted_slinky
Beta: jj1564
Original Prompt:
During a hunt Dean's leg gets broken.  He jokingly tells Sam he's going to have to carry him back to the Impala.  Sam complies much to Dean's chagrin and also secret relief because his leg really does friggin' hurt!
Dean is laid up with some kind of injury and is going stir crazy.  Sam brings home a stray puppy he finds outside the bunker just to give it some food and water before taking it to the pound.  Dean falls in love with it.

Warnings/Spoilers: None
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Rowena - and one other...!
Rating: T
Genre: Gen, humour
Word count: 5,000

Summary: It's a grumpy time in the bunker.
Dean's grumpy because he's broken his ankle, and it hurts.  Sam's grumpy because he put his back out after carrying his great pie-stuffed lump of a brother back to the Impala, and it hurts.
Will the adorable little stray puppy Sam found shivering and crying beside the bunker help to lift the mood?  Castiel thinks not.
The brothers think he should just shut his angelic pie hole!

Tags: author:dizzojay, castiel, dean, fic exchange, rowena, sam

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