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100 Things about Sam

With the kind permission of the awesome owner, ficwriter1966, of this comm, I thought I'd start a post to collect 100 (at least) canon facts about Sam Winchester.  The inspiration for this came from the 100 Things Blogging Challenge that started to make the rounds a week or two ago. 

I thought it would be fun to have everyone contribute what they know about our Sammy.  There are only two rules:

A.  The facts have to be canon - that is, a fact that has been seen or heard on the episodes of Supernatural
B.  Respond in the comments with your facts, and keep the numbers going

Once Sam's spotlight time is close to over, I'll gather together all the facts, clean up the numbers, and repost them at that time.  If you want to do this on your own LJ for Sammy, but want your facts part of the final post, just comment below with a link back to your list, and I'll gladly add anything new to the master list.

If this goes well, then I've also been given permission to do this for future Spotlighted characters.  My only disappointment is missing Dean, but maybe we can fix that, at some point.  Anyway, without further ado, let's get Sam started:

1.  Born May 2nd, 1983
2.  Named for his maternal grandfather, Samuel Campbell
3.  Is afraid of clowns
4.  A demon killed his mother November 2nd, 1983, on his sixth month birthday.
5.  Attended Stanford as an undergraduate, but didn't wind up graduating.
6.  When young, Sam stuffs an toy arm man into one of the Impala's ashtrays
7.  Sam was a Mathalete when in high school
8.  Has a brother, Dean (alive), and a half-brother, Adam (possessed by Michael and in the Pit with Lucifer)
9.  Dies five times in the first five seasons of the show
10.  At the time of the Pilot, he was living in an apartment in Palo Alto with his girlfriend Jessica Moore
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