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Some fun art

Hey all! I just found this comm thanks to ficwriter1966. I've made some fun little graphics, so I thought I'd share them with you.

(Click for the bigger version.)
This is a project I put together about two years ago. It's pretty self-explanatory: 12 months of Winchesters, each month with a theme.

This one takes a little more explanation. Has anyone seen the musical Hair? Not the movie with Treat Williams; the stage show. There's a recurring theme throughout where Claude sees himself (and others see him) as Aquarius. It's almost his nickname. He uses it to describe himself. So there's one point where he's talking to his parents and he says "I am Aquarius! Destined for greatness or madness!" And his mother returns with "Yeah? So's your father!" Well, Dean Winchester is an Aquarius (as he so kindly reminded us in The Usual Suspects), so I thought this would be funny.

Oh and I have a series of "motivators" that I'll save for another post. It's a play on the "teams" (Team Ackles vs Team Padalecki, but it's very light-hearted and not at all actually saying one is better than the other.

So... hi, all! I'm glad to see these here!
Tags: art: gen, dean, john

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