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We Are Almost There!

Only two weeks left in the spn_bigpretzel "I Lost My Shoe" Fundraiser.

Our original goal was $250. So far we have raised $200, so we have met 80% of our goal!

$1 equals one pair of shoes for someone in need and currently, we have over 250 people who have joined or are watching this community. If all of us gave just $1, we would exceed our goal. Think of how many shoes that we could provide for people who need them! So far we have provided 200 pairs of shoes for people in need. How many more do you think we can provide as a community?

Remember, if we meet or exceed our goal, the mods will send a note to the production company in Vancouver to let them know about our project.

To donate online, go to our unique Soles4Souls Donation Page. There is also a link on the side bar. There are other ways to give as well. If you go to the original post, you can find out more information.

Thanks again to amberdreams for the banner for this project!
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