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My Silly/Lighthearted Buffy Crossover Fics

My two great fandom loves are SPN and BtVS, so I'm kind of obsessed with crossing them. Here's a list and links to my more lighthearted/sillier ones. All are rated PG-13 for language and/or light sexuality.

Grand Canyon:
My first story, so it holds a special place in my heart. Dean breaks his arm while the guys are in AZ, so Sam decides they should take a few days off and visit the Grand Canyon. They meet up with Buffy and Dawn. Obviously the vacation turns into a hunt. Some Buffy/Dean pre-romance. I wrote this pre-lj, so it's not posted here. Here be links: AO3 or FF.net or Twisting the Hellmouth

And the Winner Is... Bobby and Giles are at a mystical items auction and they are both competing for the same item. Good Times. On My LJ

It Sucks to Be the Grownup: Buffy's little sister Dawn is the 'Key to Purgatory' but she turns out to be more trouble than Cas bargained for. As usual, Dean suffers the consequences. Also, Sam is not quite Sam (in a cracky way) ever since Cas broke his wall. On My LJ

Need a Little Christmas: Buffy/Castiel holiday fluffiness. Dean acts as Cas' inner relationship-Yoda. On My LJ

In the Arms of an Angel -- by SamLicker 81: Becky Rosen (aka SamLicker81) hijacked my journal and wrote possibly the worst piece of fanfiction since My Immortal. Contains non-graphic Wincest and of course Sam/Becky. Technically a crossover, but all you need to know is Dean is with Buffy, Sam is with Faith, Chuck wrote about it, and Becky's not a happy camper. So, she fights back with her very own Mary Sue self-insert fanfic. If you like Wincest, you probably won't like this, because well... it's really unconvincing. On My LJ
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