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Spotlight Character - Dean's last day *wibbles*

I've been sifting through the thirty five million Dean fics I still haven't got around to posting for Dean's spotlight week (and a bit) and here's a little giggle that I thought you might enjoy :)

Oh, and is he naked or isn't he ... nudity is implied, but not confirmed so let your imagination run riot!

Rating: K+
Genre: Humour 
Word Count: 200

Two big strapping hunters vs one pixie. You wouldn't think too much could go wrong, would you?

Disclaimer: don't own :(

"Aw, freakin' crap, Sammy; " the plaintive cry drifted from behind the bathroom door.

Swallowing back a sense of foreboding, Sam responded to the voice; "you haven't tried to wash it off have you?"

"Well, I just thought …"

Sam sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose; "Dean, I told you, it can only be removed by a spell; Bobby's on it."

"If you try an' wash pixie dust off, you'll just …"

Towel-wrapped and dripping, Dean stomped furiously out of the bathroom, scowling as Sam's eyes widened in horrified amusement.

"… spread it around," Sam finished weakly.

Dean wilted.

"Sammy, I'm all sparkly!"


Dean's face, body and even his hair was coated in twinkling silver pixie dust. Sam's eyes watered as he bit his lip in an attempt to stifle the guffaw which threatened to escape.

"Look at me," Dean moaned miserably, staring down at his shimmering chest with a slightly demented glaze in his eyes, "I'm sparkling in places no man should ever sparkle!"

It was Dean's outraged but glittery face that did it; Sam crumbled helplessly.

"well look on the bright side dude …" he spluttered

"what freakin' bright side?"

"… It didn't do Edward Cullen any harm."


It was almost worth the carpet burns.



Tags: character spotlight, dean, drabbles, sam

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