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Spn_BigPretzel - second call for artists ...

Banner by dizzojay
Okay, I'm just reposting this call for artists at the spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange...

Posting date for this challenge is 25th May, so time is marching on, and we still have four wonderful story ideas who are looking for artists.
Can you help?

Just for ease of reference, the stories who are still looking for their artists are:

Author: jj1564
Recipient: dizzojay
Original Prompt: I've combined two of her wonderful prompts, but it's not from Baby's POV - "One of Dean's nocturnal sessions in the back of the Impala; Baby's POV. Perhaps all doesn't go according to plan ...?" and “Dean ... are those … BOOBS??”
Title: Just His Luck (this might change)
Synopsis: Dean's found the perfect woman. Kathy is smart, funny, beautiful - and wants to make out in the back of the Impala. What could go wrong?
Kathy ran her hands up underneath his t-shirt to stroke his stomach, then moved up to his chest. Dean felt her stiffen as she cried out “Dean...are those....BOOBS?”
Dean sat back and reached up to feel his chest. Holy fuck, they were boobs. Fucking huge boobs. What the ever-loving fuck. Just his luck.
“Shit, I’m gonna kill that witch...” Dean cussed, before he could filter his words.
“Did you say witch?” Kathy asked, wide eyed and sitting up against the back seat.
“Bitch, I said bitch,” Dean grumbled, as he climbed back out of the Impala.

Author: milly_gal
Recipient: theymp
Original Prompt: Sam finds a gray hair; he doesn't take it well.
Title: Working on it, lol.
Synopsis: The day Dean and Sam started spending any kind of time with Castiel and Gabriel marked the beginning of the end for Sam’s hard fought for sanity. Who knew being in a relationship with an Archangel could be so dangerous, and cost quite so much in hair dye?
Snippet: Dean’s reply is a tea towel swat to the back of Gabriel’s head and a string of curse words that turn the air blue. “First of all, your assness, if you’d just conjured your own fuckin’ food to start with, I wouldn’t be tryin’ to put out the fire your brother just started in our kitchen. Second, get off your short lazy butt and do it yourself. Dick.”

Original Prompt: I went with: Baby is stolen, "Officer, we can explain" and "Are you sure that´s translated right?"
Title:Still working on that:)
Synopsis: After a night out Dean wakes up to find the Impala gone. With the help of his brother and a somewhat dubious tracking spell he picks up the chase. But all is not what it seems...

Snippet: Back in the room Sam finds Dean bend over the spell-book that had fallen to the floor, frantically flipping the pages. “There it is!”
He slaps his open palm down on a page and grins smugly as he holds the book out to Sam.
“What´s this?”
“A tracking spell! I´ve found it in here last month when I was looking for your laptop cord-”
“Which you said you didn´t take-”
“Well, technically-”
“Which I found later under the bed in Bobby´s spare room, behind your comic book collection-”
“You´re missing the point here, Sammy! This is a tracking spell with which you can find anything!”
“That you never actually tested.” Sam squints down at the page. “And that´s written in the most complicated ancient Greek I´ve ever seen.”
Dean rises an eyebrow in challenge. “What, you´re not up for it?”
“Pff, hand it over!”

Recipient: milly_gal
Original Prompt:"Did you seriously think I wouldn't notice?!"/"Come on man, it's just a tiny prick and a few words of latin."/Any and all drunken shenanigans!
Title: Fun Times in Las Vegas (may change)
Synopsis: A drunken night in Las Vegas leads to Sam and Dean married by Castiel and Crowley, Bobby and Rufus in trouble with hotel security and the Impala missing.
Snippet: Dean couldn't breathe, his baby, his other baby thankful Sam was beside him, but the Impala is gone. "I'm going to kill whoever touched her. Pain, murder is coming their way."
"Congratulations moose and squirrel you two are married in the eyes of both heaven and hell."

We're not asking you for a Big Bang's worth of work, just a title banner, and if you can manage anything else, then all well and good!

If you fancy taking on any of these awesome story ideas, then please hop onto our claiming post HERE and make your intentions known in the comments section, then feel free to go right ahead and contact the author to get those ideas flowing.

Alternatively, if you don't mind boosting this signal then that would be awesome!

Thanks in advance, let's make sure that we continue the Spring Fic Exchange tradition of great stories complemented by fantastic art, that makes this wonderful challenge so dear to us all!
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