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Valentines Day Team Drabble Challenge - Famliar Faces

Title: Familiar Faces
Rating: K+
Character:  Charlie
Word count: 100
Summary: Charlie’s got something very special
Disclaimer: I don’t own them


Charlie loved all her action figures.  Her beloved collection graced the shelves around her bedroom, all boxed, like the precious things they were, and carefully displayed.

Her latest purchase was pride of place amongst her treasures.

She’d almost swallowed her tongue when she saw the little Carver Edlund special edition Sam and Dean Winchester figures in the store. She fell instantly in love with them.

They were exquisitely lantern-jawed and ludicrously macho, with their bare sculpted plastic pecs and tiny tattoos on display for the world to see.

And best of all, the real Sam and Dean would hate them on sight!



Tags: author:dizzojay, charlie, drabbles, team deaths pizzas, valentines day drabble challenge

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