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Valentines Day Team Drabble Challenge - Gummy Tummy

Title: Gummy Tummy
Rating: K+
Characters: Sam and Dean
Word Count: 100
Summary: An afternoon of indulgence, a night of regret
Disclaimer: I don't own him


"I told you so."

Sam wouldn't say it; he had his pride.

But, c'mon – twenty packets in one evening?

Dean lay curled up on the couch, groaning pitifully and clutching his distended belly.

Sam had tried to warn Dean against such gluttony, he really had; but his warnings had fallen on deaf ears.

So fine; let Dean enjoy the fruits of his labour.

Actually, he kinda looked like he was in labour.

A violent gurgle erupted and Dean grimaced, whimpering miserably as he writhed in self-inflicted agony. When his belly finally fell silent, he groaned into his sweat-soaked pillow.

"Hate Gummy-bears."


Tags: author:dizzojay, dean, drabbles, sam, team deaths pizzas, valentines day drabble challenge

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