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Valentines Day Team Drabble Challenge - Lady Love

Title: Lady Love
Rating: K+
character: Dean, Baby
Word Count: 100
Baby and Dean, the greatest love story
Disclaimer: I don’t own them


Dean never hid the fact that he loved the Impala.

He had been devoted to her from the moment he was old enough to know what she was, and ever since that fateful day when John had handed over the keys to Dean on his 18th birthday, the Impala knew she was in good hands, the very best.

Yes, Baby knew that Dean loved her with all his heart.

She didn’t have a heart to return the compliment, but she did have an engine, a chassis and four wheels.  And every single part of them, every rivet, was forever Dean’s.


Tags: author:dizzojay, baby, dean, team deaths pizzas, valentines day drabble challenge

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