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Rec Post

One of my favorite authors of humorous h/c stories isn't very active in fandom anymore, but she gave me permission to rec her stories here.  Enjoy a trio of [info]twirlycurls. 

Title: Eidolon
Characters: Sam, Dean, very brief OMC
Type: Remix of The Existence of Forgetting by the incredible [info]chiiyo86
Word count: ~3,200
Rating: PG
Summary: Dean wakes up as a ghost and immediately knows what he has to do: protect Sam.

Eidolon )

Title: And in the end
Characters: Dean/Sam/Castiel (non-explicit)
Type: Slightly cracky post-apocalypse h/c
Word count: ~2,500
Summary: It's the end of the world as they knew it, and he feels fine.

And in the end )

Title: Smashing Pumpkins
Characters: Sam and Dean
Genre: Horror-crack, gen
Warnings: None
Notes: For the sharp_teeth comment fic meme, prompted by [info]gehayi: "Vampire watermelons sound like a joke, the kind of thing that would show up in a bad movie from the 1950s. But as Sam and Dean find out, things don't have to sound menacing to be viable threats."
And thank you [info]kalliel for reading this over and finding my missing letters for me. You rock!

Happy Halloween! )

Tags: castiel, dean, fic: gen, fic: slash, rating: pg, rec post, sam

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