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The Spn-BigPretzel Hallowe'en Comment Fic Meme

So ...
It'll soon be that time of year again, a time for ghoulies, long-leggity beasties, candy overload and a whole shedload of wonderful fic opportunities.

As with previous years, we here at spn_bigpretzel couldn't let All Hallows Eve pass uncelebrated, and so I am delighted to unveil our Hallowe'en Comment Fic Meme.

Here's how it works:

  • Post your Hallowe'en-themed prompts as a comment to this post; there's no limit to the number of prompts you can post, so prompt away - the more the merrier (or even better, the more the creepier!).

  • If you see a prompt that prods your muse, go for it, and post your fill as a reply to the prompt comment.

  • If more than one person wants to fill for the same prompt, that's totally fine!

  • The comment fic meme will run until midnight on 31st October wherever you are in the world.

Just a couple of rules:

  • Fics must adhere to the spirit of the comm; so think, fun, think crack, think fluff.  'Light-hearted' is the key!

  • Comment fic titles should be posted in the comment subject header, preceded by the word 'fill'

  • Spoilery elements to stories are fine, please just warn for them.  Likewise, any slashy or naughty themes!

  • Supernatural characters only please, no RPF (except J2M from the French Mistake verse)

And that's it ...

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