ficwriter1966 (ficwriter1966) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,

When you wish upon a ... Big Pretzel?

Here's a bit of a variation on a friending meme, one we've seen circulating around fandom with great success, that we think you guys can have some fun with!

Got a wish you'd like to have granted, that your fellow members can help you out with?  Maybe an icon or two featuring your username?  A drabble?  A gif of a special moment on the show?  A v-gift to brighten up your Profile page?  Someone to chat with during times when it feels like nobody's listening?

You can get a bit more grand if you like -- if your budget is tight and you're wishing for a little more paid time on your LJ, or maybe some credit on iTunes.  (We'd suggest that you not wish for a 46" flat-screen, because the wish fairies seldom carry around giant sacks of money.)  Put your thinking caps on, grab a 4-leaf clover, and post!

Have at it, guys -- and have fun!  You never know what you might end up with!
Tags: wish list

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