tattooeddevil (tattooeddevil) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,

DRABBLE: Moar Pie!

In case no-one reads the comment fic meme thread anymore, here's my offering in a seperate post :P It also fits in the Dean-focused theme week (fortnight?). I should be working and / or finishing other fic (*cough* exchange fic *cough*), but this sprung to mind and I had to get it out.

Title: Moar Pie!
Rating: G
Fandom / Genre: Supernatural / Humor
Word count: 242
Spoilers: Bad Day At Black Rock (S03EP03)

There's no such thing as enough pie, Sammy. Gimme!
Tags: comment fic, dean, fic: gen, pie, rating: g, sam, season 3

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