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Dew - Best of British

Title: Best of British
Prompt: DEW – Sam and Dean, and Britain
Rating: pg13
Characters: Jody, Mary, Sam and Dean
Word Count: 100
Summary: Mary and Jody disagree over the best British band.
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, this is just for fun.

Image result for dean winchester looking awkward

“The best British band ever - The Rolling Stones.” Jody says.

“You’re joking, it’s The Beatles.” Mary retorts.

“No way, they were goody two-shoes, the Stones were the real rockers - still are.”

“Yeah, they’re really rockin’ now – with their Zimmer-frames.”

“Good one, mom.” Dean chips in.

“So, you think The Beatles are better than The Stones, Dean?” Jody asks.

Crap, why did I open my mouth? Dean thinks, adding “I’m sittin’ on the fence.”

“But Dean, you’ve always said that Led Zeppelin’s the greatest British band.”

“Gee, thanks, Sam.” Dean mutters, as Mary and Jody both glare at him.

Tags: author:jj1564, dean, dew, drabble, fic: gen, jody, mary, rating: pg, sam
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