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Fic Exchange Update!

Here's what we've got so far:

aceofannwn's story is being illustrated by angelus2hot
antrazi's story is being illustrated by pickamix
auntmo9's story is being illustrated by eyestoowide
ficwriter1966's story is being illustrated by scarletscarlet
jennytork's story is being illustrated by angelus2hot
lolaann1's story is being illustrated by angelus2hot
mamapranayama's story is being illustrated by quickreaver
mandatorily's story is being illustrated by lightthesparks
mandraco's story is being illustrated by spankedbyspike
phebemarie's story is being illustrated by angeltrap
pyrebi's story is being illlustrated by angelicfoodcake
saberivojo's story is being illustrated by rua1412
stolen_childe's story is being illustrated by pickamix
tattooeddevil's story is being illustrated by scarletscarlet
verucasalt123's story is being illustrated by lightthesparks

Which means we've still got three terrific stories waiting to be claimed! So, artists in the group - if you haven't thrown your name into the mix as of yet, take a look at the descriptions below. One wee!chesters, one teen!chesters, and one with Sam, Dean, Cas and Gabriel - who could resist a challenge like that?

UPDATE: All the stories are claimed! Thanks, everyone!

1) Author: antrazi
Recipient: ficwriter1966
Original Prompt: Dean takes a job in a small local supermarket to make a few bucks - and discovers that he's working alongside the Most Insane Co-Worker EVER. (Could be teen!Dean or Stanford era.)
Title: Just 2 weeks
Synopsis: In two weeks the High School year would be over and he could pack Sam in the Impala and follow their dad. Just two weeks more with the boss from hell. He was a Winchester, he could do this.
Snippet: Jake got to be the boss of their little branch in Bumfuck, Nowhere through the time honoured system of nepotism.
His family figured this kept him too occupied to fuck up too much, gave him something to do.
The only person who didn't understand that he got this position so he didn't have to clean up vomit in the next Plucky Pennywhistles, was, of course, Jake.
The supermarket was his kingdom and in the noble tradition of despots across all times and countries he ruled it with an iron fist.


2) Author: phebemarie
Recipient: auntmo9
Original Prompt: Dean discovers the wonders of eating dinner at a Catholic fish fry during Lent, but doesn't understand why they don't serve burgers. Sam tries to explain. Cas drops by to help Sam. Bonus points if Gabriel is around to annoy them all (including any priests and parishioners)
Title: Act of Cod
Synopsis: Set during season five. Sam and Dean visit a retired Catholic priest hoping to find some Biblical backup for their fight to stop the Apocalypse. In disguise as priests, the fabulous duo checks out the church’s famous fish fry. Mayhem follows when Gabriel pops in to torment our heroes who, of course, are assisted by Castiel in all his season five glory.
Castiel stepped between the Winchesters and his unpredictable sibling. “What are you doing here, Gabriel?”

The archangel held up two fingers in the classic ‘I come in peace’ gesture. “I was jonesing for some quality time with my three favorite wise guys: Bossy, Bitchy, and Boring.”

“Gabriel, “ Castiel began, “you reek of unwashed bohemian and illegal substances.”

“Hey, don’t harsh my buzz, brother.” Gabriel turned blurry eyes to the stern-faced group and grinned.

“Are you stoned?” Dean demanded.

“Lighten up, man,” Gabriel giggled. “I was time-tripping to Max Yaygar’s farm and worked up an appetite. Heard you boys were checking out the grub at my favorite Friday Fish Fry and thought I’d make it a party of four.” He glanced at the severe expressions and held up his hands. “What’s with the doom and gloom faces, boys?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Dean said. “Maybe just a little something called the Apocalypse?”

Added note: My story should be a lot more fun than its description: boys dressed like priests, Gabriel sporting hippie wear, a piece of fried cod that looks suspiciously like an angel.


3) Author: Kady (bt_kady) with assist by non-comm member platinumrosel
Recipient: tattooeddevil
Original Prompt: Wee!chesters - Bored banter. The boys are bored, stuck inside, the TV is broken and John won't be home for at least two more days.
Title: "Captain Awesome Big Brother and the Boring Motel Room of Doom"
Synopsis: Just what the prompt says. John left the boys alone in the motel room for two days while he's on a hunt, and it's up to 8 yr. old Dean to take care of and entertain his little brother.
Several hours later, the only thing Dean could think of to do was lock himself in the bathroom and stay there until Dad came back.

It was that, or lock Sam in the bathroom, and leave him there until Dad came back, but he had a feeling Dad would raise holy hell at that plan.

Instead, he sighed and, after a moment's thought, pulled the forest green crayon from the plastic container that set between him and Sam as they sat across from each other at the table. If he had to color one more page in this kiddie coloring book, he was gonna snatch himself bald. That, or Sam. Kid needed a haircut anyway.

Sam knelt on his chair, and leaning over the table, peered at his brother's page. "What'cha gonna color with that, De? I'm makin' Le'nardo this green!" he said with a smile as he showed Dean the crayon in his little hand.

Dean didn't have the heart to mutter as he wanted to. What he wanted was to check out the motel office to see if they had any video games, but when he'd last glanced over at the window, he could see the rain still pelting it. He sighed again, absolutely bored to tears.

Sam stopped coloring, satisfied with his work on making Leonardo the perfect shade of green.

He looked at the coloring book, then looked back at Dean.

Coloring book. Dean.

Dean tensed. He could hear them. Those three little words he'd heard All. Day. Long.

"Dean, I'm bored."


Remember, the finish line is 3 weeks from today - May 2nd!
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