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Spring Fic Exchange-Come on Authors, It's Time to Tempt Those Artists
Animated Big Pretzel
auntmo9 wrote in spn_bigpretzel

banner by mamapranayama
We've got a very talented group of artists in the mix here at spn_bigpretzel -- and it's time to tempt them into illustrating your fic! All you have to do is cut-and-paste the block below, and pimp your story to the crowd!

Artists ... If you see something you like, go ahead and claim it in the comments! Our goal is to match an artist with every story, so if a story has already been claimed, please choose another one. We'd like to see each story have at least one illustration -- a banner, a scene illustration, perhaps a set of icons or small illos that can be used to separate scenes or chapters. Once the mods have okayed your claim, go ahead and contact the author so the two of you can work together on a finished product.

You can participate as both an author and an artist.

If we have a small number of artists, we will have a second round of claims and if interested, you can claim more than one story.

FINISH LINE: May 2, 2014.

ETA: Comments have been frozen on stories that have been claimed.

If you have not made arrangements to contact your author/artist, please do so via PM. Thanks!

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Pride and Prejudice and Winchesters

Original Prompt:Dean and Sam get a case at Austenland America, a theme-park devoted to Pride and Prejudice. In order to solve the case, the Winchester will have to totally immerse themselves in Regency-era clothing and customs. (Idea inspired by Shannon Hale's Austenland).
Title:Pride and Prejudice and Winchesters (subject to change-- working title)
Synopsis:Sam and Dean are comely in top hats and waistcoats… even the ghosts think so! Dean gets more than he bargained for when he chats up what he thinks is a regular gal doing cosplay for the Austen retreat. Sam *knows* Dean can’t do an English accent like that… will a 200-year-old memory of an ill-fated romance between a high lady and her footman finally be laid to rest? And can Dean score in the process?
Snippet: “So we’re going to a theme park, inspired by a movie, made from a modern book, that was inspired by an English TV series, that was adapted from some old broad’s book back in the 1800s?”

Sam smirked. “Yeah… I guess.”

Dean frowned. “I think the remake thing has gotten out of control.”

“Just be glad it isn’t Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”

“C’mon, Sam. This is our lives we’re talking about. That’s probably exactly what it will be.”
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Re: Pride and Prejudice and Winchesters

I fancy this one! I mean, Dean as Mr Darcy? What's not to like?
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Author: jennytork
Recipient: brightly_lit
Original Prompt: Dean was one hell of a p.a., and what's more, he really enjoyed that job--I'd love to get to see him enjoy it for longer. Maybe he and Sam decide to stay there a while.
Title: For Himself
Synopsis: In "Hollywood Babylon", Dean was amazing as a PA and seemed to enjoy himself. He's been asked to stay on, but will this self-sacrificer finally do something for himself?
Snippet: "Look," Alan's eyes were wide. "There's a production a few lots over that's in trouble. You're so good at what you do, maybe you can help."

Sam stepped in. "Trouble? Like what? Cold spots, voices....what?"

"What?" Alan frowned. "Oh, no – no, nothing like that. There's none of that going on there. No, their PA quit and --- well, you're the best one I've ever worked with, Dean. And trust me, that's saying something!"

In that moment, there was absolutely no doubt that the Winchesters were brothers. Their expressions of stunned shock were completely identical.

So Alan pulled out the big guns. "Please?" he asked, making his eyes wide and pleading. "We really need you, Dean. At least until they can get a new PA."

Dean licked his lips and Sam could see it. Dean was broadcasting it with every fibre of his being, though he was trying to hide it. Dean wanted to do this, but he was afraid to make Sam stay in one place too long, to give Sam a chance to think too deeply about....everything.

So Sam took it out of his hands. He lay a large hand on Dean's arm and answered Alan, "He'll do it."

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Original Prompt:Meg/Cas in S9, both human, finally hook up. I’m good with explicit sexytimes but just as good with making out, snark/banter, Meg having to explain things to Cas

Title: Earning Her Wings

Synopsis:After Metatron is defeated, Cas is heading up the restoration of Heaven, when Meg is found there amongst the wandering souls! The Angels are horrified, but Castiel can see the good in Meg. He agrees to send Meg back to Earth to live as a human until the Angels are satisfied, but only if he goes with her. Sexy times are anticipated.

"How human are you right now?" Meg asked.

"How human would you like me to be?" Castiel responded.

Meg swallowed, and Castiel watched with pleasure as lust washed over her.

"Human enough to enjoy it," Meg said, "but not so human that you won't burn me."

Castiel veiled himself with a number of his wings, and took her human form into the arms of his own. He left his Angelic awareness intact, but turned up the volume on his human senses. She felt warm in his arms, soft. She did smell slightly of sulphur, but also of musk. Her lips fell apart as she ran a nervous tongue across them, and he knew she was doing it on purpose -- seducing his human responses with hooded eyes and a sultry mouth. Very well then -- he would be seduced -- but so would she.

He lowered his own mouth to those poisonous red lips, and for the second time, he blessed her with his grace as his tongue plundered hers. She tasted like peppermint. He kissed her till she gasped, her demonic soul writhing against the soft caresses of his muted grace.

"Oh, Clarence, hurt me good," Meg mewled, panting, as he held her up against him.

He looked down into her sparkling brown eyes, seeing behind her face, behind her demonic visage: the glory of her soul, glowing with love.

"Call it hurt if you must," he said with a smile, "but call me by my name."

"Castiel," she murmured, her demon tongue making a moan of an Angel's name.

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Recipient: dizzoay
Original Prompt:Dean finds an enchanted wardrobe in the Batcave that takes him ... you decide where.
Title: A Friend in Need
Synopsis: The Wardrobe doesn't just lead to Narnia, but to a variety of children's book worlds. Dean loves playing around in there, but there just might be someone else who needs it more.

Snippet: Whoville is a migraine inducing trippy sort of place. Dean gets in trouble in Wonderland, of course, because hey, nothing about growing up a hunter would have warned him that it’s probably not a great idea to actually eat something that has a tag on it that says "eat me". Sam does not even want to think about the Little Women fiasco.
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Ha ha ha awesome, can't wait to read this one!
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Author: antrazi
Recipient: twisted_slinky
Original Prompt: E-Dating is Evil. Crowley and his e-dating profile. And the research that involved.
Title: None yet
Synopsis: see prompt
Snippet: The blank screen was mocking him. What was he actually looking for?
Crowley considered which kind of species he preferred as a play mate. A demon was the logical choice, there would be clear expectations and the demon would be adjustable to his preferences in looks; getting a new meat suit was ridiculously easy nowadays. On the other hand, a demon was a demon, a lying, conniving creature just out for themselves and their own interests. He should know he was one himself and had done a lot of damage to get the position he had against older and stronger demons.

Oh my...the few timid steps I've taken into e-dating...and to think that besides the jerks that are out there that there are also actual demons...bwahaha!

Author: dizzojay
Recipient: Candygramme
Original Prompt: 'The fairies fight back'
Title: The Curious Case of the Man and the Microwave
Warnings: This story will be very spoiler heavy for 6.09 - Clap Your Hands if you Believe. However, it's not entirely canon as Sam is not soulless.
Did you know that fairies get very cross when you microwave their friends?
Following events in 6.09, Dean is tracked down by a posse of high-profile fairies - the Sugar Plum fairy who is anything but sweet, The Tooth Fairy who is more famed in fairyland for knocking them out than for collecting them and Tinkerbelle whose dust makes you high in most unexpected, arm-flappingly terrifying ways.
They spirit him back to fairyland to stand trial before Oberon and Titania, the fairy King and Queen, for heinous microwave-related crimes against fairy-kind, where he faces justice at the hands of Wayland Smith, the fairy Blacksmith; maker (and swinger) of very large and very sharp axes.
Will Sam, former law student and second-born brother of a self-confessed fairy microwaver be able to convince the fairy court that Dean is, in fact, a good guy? Or are Dean and his head about to go their separate ways?
Dean extracted his hot pocket from the microwave and dropped the steaming snack onto a plate, loosing a muttered oath as he blew on his scorched fingers.
It wasn't exactly haute cuisine; a paltry rectangle of limp pseudo-pastry filled with vaguely cheese-flavoured molten lava, but all things considered, it was nice to actually have a microwave again after he'd left the one at the last motel skanked up with fairy-splurge ...
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Your description of the Tooth Fairy has my dying!
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Author: sylvia-locust
Recipient: antrazi
Original Prompt: Teenchesters. Another new school. This time it's the Lawndale High School in Lawndale (Daria Crossover)
Title: Werewolves of Lawndale (working title)
Snippet: “So let me get this straight,” Dean says later that night, as he’s trimming up Sam’s bangs. “Even though dad and me have trained you to fight ghosts and shit, you were assaulted by four freshmen girls and forced to dress like a boy-band reject?”

“Not supposed to hit girls, jackass,” Sam says darkly.

“Not unless they’re monsters,” Dean agrees. “Were they monsters.”

“Nah,” Sam says. “Although, that Sandi girl was pretty strong...and mean,” he adds thoughtfully.
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I can't tell you how happy I am that you decided to do the Daria crossover \o/
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Author: brightly_lit
Recipient: mamapranayama
Original Prompt: A crossover with Psych: Two fake FBI agents take on a strange case out in Santa Barbara where their biggest challenge is dealing with one fake psychic.
Title: Journey [I may change it]
Synopsis: Sam and Dean follow up on a case in Santa Barbara, where they meet up with a fake psychic, his geeky sidekick, and Cain! Or, well, Dean could swear he looks exactly like him ....

Shawn was still looking for bears; these civilians didn’t believe in the supernatural, so all of Shawn’s observational skills would be useless.

“The bear must have come from there,” Dean said. “We’ll check it out; you go home.”

A giant brown dog suddenly jumped up in the window and started howling and barking at them. “THE BEAR!” Shawn cried, pointing. Gus screamed hysterically, turned and ran through the park at top speed, back the way they came, screaming at a remarkably high pitch and volume all the way, Shawn right on his heels.
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I am so glad someone is finally writing this prompt.It is not even for me and I am so excited! Especially since psych just ended. :(

I know You know that
I'm not telling the truth
I know you know they
Just don't have any proof
Embrace the deception, learn how to bend
Your worst inhibitions,
They will Psych you out in the end

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Original Prompt:Dean gives Sam a plant to take care of. Something long-lasting, easy-care and easy to transport. He gave it to him as a going-away-to-collage present or in lieu of a dog, later in life, earlier in life, whatever strikes your fancy. So, now it's been some years, what happened to it? Does Sam still have it? Did it live through their life in one piece? Does it have a place in the bunker? Did it change anything? Small or big?
Title: I Will Survive
Synopsis: Really the same as the prompt! when he runs away to Stanford Sam finds a really ugly plant in his duffle. He calls it 'Dean'. Can the plant survive life with the Winchesters?
Snippet: He called the plant Dean; he told himself that it was for a joke but deep down he knew it was to temper the homesickness that he felt running thick and unexpected through his veins. He couldn’t quite understand why he was homesick as they had never really had a home but he missed the car, the soft thrum of her under his skin, the familiar scent of motor oil and leather. He missed his dad too although it hurt to admit it but most of all he missed his big brother and the hole that Dean had left was the hardest to fill.

Maybe an ugly plant wasn’t much but at least it helped a little…

Original Prompt:

Author: Joajohns17
Recipient: the_green_bird
Original Prompt: Deans first sawed off
Title: not exactly sure on that yet
Synopsis: John drops Dean and Sammy off at Bobby's for the weekend...only he's gone much longer than he said he's going to be. Dean gets worried and Bobby helps him take his mind off things.

Snippet: Not available as of yet :)

Do you need some cheerleading?

Author: zelda_addict
Recipient: fannishliss
Original Prompt: 2. One thing I still long to see is Dean and Lisa to be reunited. Happy Lisa Reunion would make my day. :D
Title: Hello Again (May change...)
Synopsis: Dean never thought he'd see Lisa Braeden until he did. He's sure that it can't possibly end well when she seems to be remembering everything, but even Dean Winchester gets lucky sometimes.
He was so absorbed in staring into his cart, he was completely blindsided by the voice of the woman on her phone in line behind him.

“They were out of the pepperoni kind you like, Ben, but I figured combination is better than nothing? I’m still at the end of the line--I could go put them back.”

It was really, really hard to feign calm while having a massive coronary and trying to sneak a look at someone behind you. His elbow knocked several packages of gum down from the candy rack and he knelt to pick them up. Another hand reached for the last one just before he could, and he looked up into the face of a woman he never thought he’d see again.

Lisa cocked her head to one side. “Have we met? You seem awfully familiar...”

“I, uh...” Smooth, Winchester.

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SQUEEEEEEEE! *flails with joy!!!*
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Author: vexed_wench
Recipient: blackrabbit42
Original Prompt:
1. Sam unexpectedly finds he enjoys this curse.
2. Sam and Dean end up owning or working in a sweets shop
3. Sam and Dean agree to get tattoos, but want to surprise each other with what they choose. One ends up with something ridiculously schmoopy, the other something totally badass.
4. Any SPN character discovers any other's pin board on pinterest
Title: No clue yet still working on it.
Synopsis: An A/U where I am mixing all of the prompts.
Sam never went to Stanford. He and Dean are in an established relationship, after a few weeks of nonstop cases they decided to take the night off and visit the local fair.
The next morning they learn more about each other than they really wanted to know. Like why Sam never mentioned his scholarship and why Dean has a secret Pinterest addiction that borders on an obsession. They do wind up with a sweet shop and Dean has a tattoo idea board as well as ton of others Pintrest.
“Rise and shine Sammy, there is a lumberjack special calling my name.” Dean grinned and patted his belly. Sam tried his best not to grin at the sight.

“You are seriously not going to eat that much grease after last night?” Sam asked him from under the blanket.

“Bacon, sausage, ham and pancakes.” Dean sang and practically drooled. Sam peeked out from beneath a corner of the ugly blanket and watched as Dean shimmied his hips to his breakfast song.

“Dude, what are you five?” Sam laughed despite himself.

“If I admit I am will it make you move your ass any quicker?” Dean asked him.

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OK, you can relax now, because I hereby declare that any fic with Dean shimmying his hips to his breakfast song is awesome.

<3 <3 <3

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Author: verucasalt123
Original Prompt: OMG! Look at me! This is why they need to teach high school kids latin. I can’t believe they turned me (us) into ________.
Title: haven't decided on a title yet
Synopsis: Meg and Cas go after some teenage witches and get an unexpected surprise.

"Their school is run by the Catholic diocese of Wichita. These seem to be the standard uniforms, and you look like you're the correct age to attend high school.”

“Yeah, well so do you, sweetness. You’d think at a Catholic school, these kids would have learned some freaking Latin. They turned us into teenagers!”

This sounds great I can't wait to read it.

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Author: auntmo9
Recipient: boysinperil
Original Prompt: Growing up in hotels made Dean an expert in bad television. What’s his most guilty secret?
Title: The King of Cable (working title for now)
Synopsis: A stormy night has the boys holed up in the batcave. Unfortunately, they have Crowley for company and he won’t keep his mouth shut, so Dean decides to engage in some of his guilty pleasures…food and television. But that doesn’t keep Crowley’s mouth shut and before he knows it, Sam is entertaining the demon with stories of all the television Dean has ever watched.

“You might be the King of Hell, but I’m the King of Cable,” Dean answered as he picked up the remote and turned on the television. “And right now, I’d rather watch Toddlers and Tiaras than listen to you moan about how you are treated." Settling down into the couch, he turned up the volume in order to drown out the demon.

“King of Cable,” muttered Crowley. “Bollocks. As if that added any value to one’s life.”

“Well,” Sam said walking back into the room as he handed his brother a beer. “I will say that Dean learned how to fix things from more than just my dad, he has patterned his FBI persona off a combination of Jack Bauer and Fox Mulder, and he does have certain affection for TV doctors.”

"That explains so much," Crowley said before a wicked grin split his face in two. “TV doctors, heh. Have a bit of a fancy for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Dean? Maybe Dr. Abby Lockhart is more your style? Or do you get lost in the eyes of Dr. Juliet Burke?”

“Oh, no,” Sam laughed. “Much, much better than that.”

“Don’t you dare, Sam!” Dean cried. “Besides, Extreme Couponing is about to start. I don’t want to miss that.”

“Really, Dean? You already have fifteen hundred thirty-seven rolls of toilet paper, four hundred twelve Hostess cherry pies and enough cans of tuna to build your own cruise ship all stored here in the bunker.”

“And all for only $5.87,” Dean stated proudly. “Besides, I have it on good authority that in an apocalypse that toilet paper is worth gold.”

“So more about these TV doctors,” Crowley pried innocently.

Edited at 2014-04-02 01:22 am (UTC)
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Author: candygramme
Original Prompt:The brother of your choice has to go undercover somewhere where he gets adopted by a posse of dreamy, purple-sparkles-loving, squealy, adoring tween girls. He finds it harder than he ever would have expected to extricate himself… or want to.
Title:Don't Trust the Jerk in Booth 27
Synopsis:Dean masquerades at a career counseling fair at a junior high in order to get into the school and finds himself the idol of a large number of starry eyed junior high students. They pet him and gaze at in awe as he teaches them the skills of card sharking. Sam has to be really inventive to get him out of there!

"Oh, come on, dude..." Dean attempted to emulate the expression made famous by Shrek's version of Puss in Boots. It failed.

"Dean, you lost fair and square. You get to go help mold the young minds of tomorrow." Sam was smirking as he tossed Dean his tie and the schedule.

"Okay," grumbled Dean, filling his hip flask and daring Sam to say a word. "Where's that marked deck of mine?"
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ooooooooooh so excited!! I'm so glad you picked that prompt and I can't WAIT to read it. <3 <3
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Author: evelyncarver
Recipient: the_green_bird
Original Prompt: combining 2:
4. Sam had always wanted a puppy (or kitten) as a kid, but as he'd grown up he'd realized that it just wouldn't be fair to the dog. Now they're settled in the bunker and Dean brings him a surprise.
5. "What is that thing, Dean?" "It's an egg, Sammy!"

Title: Twenty Years Hatching (may change)
Synopsis: Sam's always loved animals. The puppies that Bobby's had, the pet rock the Dean made him, various class pets over the years. Now that they've settled down he's got a chance at things he's missed out on and Dean always wanted something to play with.

"I want a puppy." Sam said, climbing into the backseat of the Impala. "Dogs are really nice Dad."

"No dogs." Dad backed out of Uncle Bobby's driveway and pulled onto the road.

"Dogs are helpful." Sam insisted. "They guard you and keep you safe. And if you train them, they can track stuff too. It would be a special dog and it could sleep with me and I would take it for walks and feed it and everything."

"No dogs Sam. No dogs in the car, no dogs in a motel. No dogs." Dad said, as if that was the end of it all.

Dean had to deal with the same fight over and over again for the next three months. Sam wanted a dog and Dad said no. Sam didn't seem to understand that when Dad said no, he had his mind made up and that was that. There would be no Winchester puppy, Winchester cat and even Sam's pet fish idea was turned down.

"Unless I can eat it, we're not carting a fish around." Dad said before dropping them off at school.

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I should so absolutely not do this... ah, what the heck. Sleep is overrated.

That snippet is adorable. I want it! May I have it? Please?
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Author: Phebemarie
Recipient: Sylvia_Locust
Changing Channels Part Deux
Prompt: Downton Abbey Fusion

Synopsis: In an effort to teach our intrepid hunters some manners, Gabriel sends Sam and Dean back to the world of Changing Channels for a sneak-peek at the behemoth that was Downtown Abbey, season one. Will our intrepid hunters survive the Crawley sisters’ many charms, the Dowager Countess’ acerbic wit, and Carson’s candid disdain? Don’t change the channel.

Author note: I'll try to post a snippet by the weekend. As the Dowager Countess would say: "What is a week END?"

Edited at 2014-04-02 01:45 pm (UTC)
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Yay, so excited! Plus I adore that quote :)
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Sorry, just now saw the post

Author: yanyann
Recipient: jennytork
Original Prompt:
2) Sam actually made a rather nice looking dragon -- if a bit of a testy one.
5) Nobody knew Dean had such a knack for photography and images.

Title: Last thing I usually decide

So okay, charging in guns blazing might not have been the best idea. Especially as the plushy loving witch ended up turning Sam into a baby dragon. Well, at least it gave Dean an excuse to practice his iPhonegraphy skills.

So okay, charging in guns blazing might not have been the best idea.

It started with a, middle-of-nowhere Rocky mountains Montana, blog article about an upcoming opening of a baby mythical creatures plushy petting zoo. Not a store but a petting zoo because the plushies were actually alive. "The Plush Bestiary” the article chortled. Followed by a youtube video of a Welsh Corgi sized griffin - brown-white, plush stuffed, rounded body and visible thread seams - screaming and trashing around in a dog crate.

Sam really wanted to pretend that he had never ever stubbled over said blog post, but the raising number of missing people in the area corresponding with the acquisition of new… alive plushy monsters was crazy enough to be a case. The whole thing still left him wanting to crash his face against the tabletop. He looked to Dean who looked back at him, deadpan expression on both their faces, communicating without words, 'Our lives, man’.

The comments under the blog post showed the populace general ignorance of anything supernatural and lack of belief of anything that’s right in front of their eyes. One person declared the video “…clearly fake and photoshopped”, another screamed of androids and conspiracies, another of aliens.

Dean was tempted to add a comment “Fucking witches” but opted instead to repeat the phrase a few times (to be read as: cca. 30 times) on the stretch of road between Kansas and Montana.

“Fucking witches, man.”

“Alright I get it already!” Sam yelled in exasperation, trowing the contents of his water bottle at Dean’s head. Which promptly resulted in a wrestling match on the side of the road for “ruining the upholstery”.

Edited at 2014-04-02 03:36 pm (UTC)
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I am excited!!!!
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Mods--is there a pimping post, so we can drum up some more artist interest?

You can use the pimping code in the original Fic Exchange post (which is still the stick post in the comm). And I've added links in that post to this one.

I did a pimping post at all_spn. If you know of any other big comms, go for it.

I loved the plant idea!! Hope it all hits the spot!

eeep ... sorry I am so late in posting this. I just moved and my internet wasn't connected until last night. Anyhoo ... this story is going to be Sam/Dean and may end up in the NC-17 range.

Original Prompt:Sam get hits with a sex pollen and Dean has to help him.
Title:A Hard Day's Night
Synopsis:Sam gets whammied by a curse and is hit with a case of supernaturally induced priapism. He tries everything to fix the problem on his own, but it doesn't take long for him to realize that the only cure for him is in Dean's hands.

Dean stood by the door impatiently, "Dude ... you just gonna sit there all day? We got things to do; a witch's altar to burn..."

Sam shifted uncomfortably in the chair, pressing the pillow in his lap a closer. It was embarrassing enough for him to have to admit this problem to his older brother and he really didn't want give Dean the visual proof.

Sam's face burned as it reddened. "I can't."

Dean threw out his arms, "Why the hell not?"

"Because --" Sam sputtered as he tried to force the words out. How was he supposed to tell Dean that the 'morning wood' he had awoken with hadn't gone away? How could he explain that the hour he had spent in the bath room trying to manually fix it with a couple of skin mags he had stolen from his brother had only made the problem ... well ... bigger. And how could he tell Dean that he was starting to get scared because WebMd's frighteningly detailed descriptions of the treatment for priapism involved way too many needles being inserted into places they should never, ever go?

(Frozen) (Thread)

Author: The_green_bird
Recipient: joajohns17
Original Prompt: I like weechester and teenchester... I like humor and Sassy Sammy... Don't mind a spanking or anything like that.... Dean in trouble is always good.

Don't really have any prompt...just use your imagination...where ever your muse takes you is good...
Synopsis: Sixteen year old Dean can't keep his hands off of anything, especially when it's something forbidden. Good thing Sammy is always there to clean up his messes.
Snippet: "What's this, Uncle Bobby?" Dean said as he reached out to run his hand over the smooth wood of the box sitting on the edge of Bobby's desk.

Bobby smacked Dean's hand away with a roll of papers, "That's a hex box, and you need to keep your hands off it."

Bobby sighed as he realized that his answer had only piqued Dean's interest. "I mean it, boy. I don't know what's in there yet."

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