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Announcing the 3rd Annual Spring Fic and Art Exchange at spn_bigpretzel
Animated Big Pretzel
auntmo9 wrote in spn_bigpretzel

Awesome banner by mamapranayama

It has been so much fun the last two years, year that we're doing it again and sticking to the same basic schedule/guidelines. 
Why fix what ain't broke?
(I was going to post-pone this a week and adjust our schedule a tad, but then I remembered, our posting date for fics always coincided with Sam's birthday. I don't want to mess with that, so here we go!)

This is the sign-up post FOR AUTHORS who wish to participate in the 3rd Annual spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange.

ARTISTS will sign-up at a later date, once we know which stories need illustrating.  And, yes, you can participate as both an author and an artist if you wish. (But based on the poll we did last week, and our experience the last two years, we are not above begging NOW for what we will need in APRIL).

Edit 4/5/14: Artists go HERE to see story summaries and snippets and claim a story that interests you.

How long does the fic have to be? A minimum of 1000 words.  The sky is the limit if your muse really latches on, but don't get too ambitious.  Remember, you're writing this as a gift and you have limited time.  We don't want anyone to go giftless on reveal day.

How does it work for authors? In a nutshell, anyone who wants to participate will need to include 3-5 prompts on this post and list any preferences they may have (see questionnaire below). We'd like everyone to end up working with a prompt they really like, so rather than the mods matching everyone up, we're going to let the participants pop back in and claim a fellow writer as their "exchange buddy."   (see schedule below). To be clear - When you come back to claim a "buddy," you'll be claiming the person, along with all of their prompts. That person -- along with all of their prompts -- then gets crossed off the "available" list.  Once claimed, feel free to work with your buddy to tailor the story to them.

How does it work for artists? Midway through the process, we'll ask each writer to post a short blurb about their story so that the artists who'd like to participate can stake a claim. (Since these will be short fics, we'll ask the artist to contribute a small banner or a single illo, perhaps an icon -- unless, again, their muses go wild!) From that point, writer and artist can work together to produce a finished little gem to share with the comm.

Edit 4/5/14: Artists go HERE to see story summaries and snippets and claim a story that interests you. There may be an opportunity to claim more than one story if we are short on artists and you have an interest in doing two stories!

Sign-ups: March 2-March 12
Claiming: March 13-March 17
Posting of story synopsis for artist claiming: April 1
Finished story/art posting: May 2*

*May extend the posting schedule to multiple days, depending on number of participants.

Please copy and paste the questions below into the comments and fill in the blanks along with leaving your 3-5 prompts.  Remember, this is bigpretzel, so keep the prompts light in tone.  No dark!fic, no rip-your-heart-out angst, nothing intended to depress the reader for weeks, and no RPS, please.  Think humorous or aww.  And Crossover prompts are more than welcome as long as they, too are light or humorous. You know the drill :)

Fav. Pairings or Gen?
Maximum Preferred Rating?
Other Notes/Preferences?

Note: This little questionnaire is intended to aid an author in tailoring their story to your preferences. It probably doesn't need to be said, but please don't bash in your preferences. If you *really* dislike a certain character, genre, etc - be diplomatic about it, because someone else here may love it. For example - Preferences: No Mr. Fizzles stories. - As opposed to - Preferences: That stupid, smelly, smelly sock puppet makes me want to puke, reminds that I haven't done my laundry in a month and I will RAGE if you write me a Mr. Fizzles story. 

Any questions?  Just ask.

Want to Advertise?  Please do.  Here's the code:

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Username? verucasalt123
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Gen is ok, but I like pairings too.
Maximum Preferred Rating? R/NC-17
Other Notes/Preferences? I like most slash pairings and also Meg/Cas, but stories are about the characters, they don't have to be explicit or focused on romantic/sexual relationships just because two people are or are implied to be together. I also really like banter and humor and seeing how well the characters know each other by the way they interact.

Prompts (yes, some of these are recycled):

Meg/Cas in S9, both human, finally hook up. I’m good with explicit sexytimes but just as good with making out, snark/banter, Meg having to explain things to Cas

Bobby, Rufus, Ellen & Missouri drinking and playing poker, accusing each other of cheating, bringing up old stories, generally being silly

A case requires participation in a (food of your choice) eating contest. Sam ends up being the one to participate and smokes all the competition, and he is NOT a good patient when he gets sick afterward.

Sam, Dean, Cas, whoever - sitting down with some of the S9 'factions' to try and make everyone get along. Bonus points for one of the fallen angels saying “you breed with the mouth of a goat” and everyone else laughing hysterically because it’s so much funnier in Enochian.

Castiel (preferably S7 ‘off his rocker’ Cas, but regular angel or newly human Cas works too) tries to figure out the best uses for Siri on his new phone.

Yay! The first person to sign up!

I would like to see some Meg and Cas banter :D

Username? veded_wench
Fav. Pairings or Gen?/b>
Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Crowley, Garth, Gabriel, Meg 2.0, Kevin
Pairs: Sam/Dean, Bobby/Karen, Crowley/Bobby, Bobby/Jody, Charlie/Dorothy, Cas/Meg 2.0, Becky/Garth, Becky/Charlie
Maximum Preferred Rating?/b> Wherever your muse takes you.
Other Notes/Preferences?
I love most light hearted themes. Wee!Fics, m’preg, de aged, slice of life, curtain fics, cabin fics and cracked or just gone wrong curses are all love. Crossover are very welcome.

I do have a soft spot for fairy tale themes. I will love whatever you make for me. :D

Here is a link to my bookmarks if you want to see what I loved enough to save. My Pinboard

1. I waited my whole life for my Prince(ss) and I get you?

2. OMG! Look at me! This is why they need to teach high school kids latin. I can’t believe they turned me (us) into ________.

3. Anything that really speaks to your muse from lists will be most awesome :)

Yay! Someone else! And Gabriel...we need more Gabriel!

Username? jennytork
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Gen only please. Or very, VERY background het pairings.
Maximum Preferred Rating? PG-13.
Other Notes/Preferences? No sex of any stripe. I love wee!chesters, teen!chesters, de-aged, slice of life, curtain fics, case fics and bunker fics. No insane/mentally ill fics, please. And please, no Lucifer or Garth.

1) There is no way that we're girls now. No way. No how.

2) Sam actually made a rather nice looking dragon -- if a bit of a testy one.

3) John passes up several small hunts to spend time with his boys. Doing normal things. How would that change things?

4) Why are the Winchesters manning a food truck?

5) Nobody knew Dean had such a knack for photography and images.

I probably watch too much Food Network but I so want to #$ filled :D

Username: zelda_addict
Fav. Pairings or Gen: I don't really require overt relationships in my silliness, so I'd prefer primarily gen, but I am not opposed to background, mild pairings of any variety. If pressed, I slightly favor Dean/Cas over Dean/Sam, but I would read whatever the muse provides.
Maximum Preferred Rating: I have nothing against porn, but I would like more story in this case, so I'll say R/M.
Other Notes/Preferences: Nothing, really, since normally I would say death and angst, and that's already kind of anathema here! XD

1.) Fairytale of author's choice really happened, just not exactly like the kiddy/generally accepted version... Now it's happening again, and the Winchesters are on the case.
2.) A curse transforms Dean into either something cute and fluffy, something very vulnerable, or both. At first, Sam thinks this is magnificent karmic justice, but then he almost messes up taking care of Dean and realizes he's in over his head and needs to call in reinforcements of author's choice.
3.) For a case, Sam and Dean both have to go undercover as high school guidance counselors, and each winds up with a student that reminds them very strongly of their brother. Each tries to "fix" what they think is wrong with the kid's outlook, it backfires, and they have to either swap or ask each other for help.
4.) Inspired by an episode of Eureka: The boys stumble across a cursed jukebox that forces people to act out song lyrics.

Author: mamapranayama
Pairings: none, I prefer gen
Max rating: any
Fave characters: I'm a Sam girl, but love his interactions with Dean. Anything with Bobby, Cas, Charlie, Kevin,Crowley, or Jodie is also golden in my world.

Notes: I love humor and crack, so the weirder or funnier the better. Anything with the boys as teens or older is preferable, but if your muse takes you into wee!chester territory, then that is fine with me.


1. A crossover with Psych: Two fake FBI agents take on a strange case out in Santa Barbara where their biggest challenge is dealing with one fake psychic.

2. Teen Sam and Dean spend the weekend alone at Bobby's place when he takes off on an emergency. While on their own, Dean decides it is time to get Sam drunk for the first time, but things get hairy from there when they both come to suspect that Bobby's house is haunted.

3. Dean is teaching himself how to bake pies during his nesting spree in the batcave. Sam appreciates that his brother is trying something new, but he really starting to hate pie, especially after the food poisoning incident.

All of these are golden!

Username? sylvia_locust
Fav. Pairings or Gen? For this challenge, I prefer gen or offstage romance
Maximum Preferred Rating? Your call
Other Notes/Preferences? Okay, so, it's been awhile since I wrote SPN Gen or humor, but I had so much fun with this challenge last year, I'm going to give it a whirl.

I'm easy to please, anything written with sympathy and love for the characters will be adored.


1. Sam is actually a terrible actor, as we saw in The French Mistake. So how did John and Dean manage to sit through his high school production of Our Town?

2. Dean and Sam are investigating a haunted ski chalet. Over hot toddies and a game of I Never with some cute ski bunnies, embarrassing and hilarious secrets (e.g. Rhonda Hurley and her infamous satiny panties) are uncovered.

3. What’s the worst/silliest horror movie you've ever seen? Yeah, that’s the case Dean & Sam are investigating this week.

4. (Downton Abbey fusion, recycled from last year’s fic exchange) The widower Sir Jonathon Winchester, who has spent the past 10 years hunting the demon (or possibly wild boar) that killed his beloved Mary, suddenly finds himself the heir of Grantham. He's confused and ambivalent about his sudden wealth and rise, but he'll bear it if he must. If only he could bring his unschooled sons in line before Lady Violet dies of apoplexy.

5. Rock and Roll Heaven--Your choice of our beloved deceased SPN characters rocking out onstage. (Ellen on keyboards? Rufus on drums? Jo belting out REO Speedwagon?)

6. Writer’s choice! I will love anything with brotherly banter and goofiness.

#1...oh I bet he was the typically surly teen about it leading right up to it too :D

...then there must also be a lock :D

Username? brightly_lit
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Gen is great, pairings are fine, just no Sam/Dean please.
Maximum Preferred Rating? Any.
Other Notes/Preferences? I love to laugh! But even where one of my prompts teases Sam, I do so love both boys, so please be nice to them both. Write whatever's really in your heart; don't feel overly constrained by my prompts. (But I hope you find them fun!)


1) Dean was one hell of a p.a., and what's more, he really enjoyed that job--I'd love to get to see him enjoy it for longer. Maybe he and Sam decide to stay there a while.

2) Dean's getting a massage from a real-life busty Asian beauty. It's just the two of them in the room ... and then he feels a third hand. Maybe it was nothing supernatural after all, but Dean is determined to find a supernatural culprit, dragging Sam back there with him to help with extra 'research.'

3) Let's face it, Dean and Sam act pretty childish sometimes. I'd love to see some reason concocted (a spell or some such) for this to be overt--Sam hanging a "keep out" sign on his bedroom door, complaining that he's misunderstood, singing along with emo that perfectly expresses his feelings like an angst-ridden teenager, while Dean ... well, I'll leave that up to you.

4) I never got enough of KITT!Sam from "Changing Channels" (where Sam is the car from Knight Rider). Seems like that could have gone on at LEAST a full day or two. Maybe they even wind up in some oldschool Knight Rider-type adventures.

5) What if Gabriel lands them in another timeloop (like in "Mystery Spot"), only no one dies; rather, Sam and Dean have to repeatedly relive the most mortifying series of events of their lives ...

Ooooh #2 has jumped right out at me ...

Ooh, I'm tempted. I need a happy Supernatural fix, but the prompts are not coming. Think, brain, think....

Well, your brain has over a week to develop prompts. That is always my problem, too. I love the prompts other people share but my own are sometimes a struggle. Of course, more than one person usually shares a prompt from the past that hasn't been written yet. ;)

Username? twisted-slinky
Fav. Pairings or Gen? I LOVE Gen, but I'm good with almost any pairing other than Wincest. I'm especially fond of random pairings involving Cas or Crowley or Dean, heehee. And crossover pairings are awesome, too.
Maximum Preferred Rating? All the way up to NC-17.
Other Notes/Preferences? Hmmm...No straight-up AUs for these, please, but I'm cool with Canon AUs and Fusions. Otherwise, go crazy and have fun. :D

Prompts* (straight off the top of my head and not well thought out, just like I like 'em. LOL)

1.) BBC Sherlock crossover. John Watson meets Dean Winchester. (Possibly to compare notes on Sherlock and Castiel.)

2.) E-Dating is Evil. Crowley and his e-dating profile. And the research that involved.

3.) Heavenly rebellion at The Big Roadhouse in the Sky. I'd love to see what our dead hunters who made it upstairs are up to, because I'm really hoping the afterlife can provide a few laughs. (And if they happen to still be kind of badass, so be it) :)

4.) Teen Wolf crossover. In which field trips are bad luck for the teens of Beacon Hills and the trunk of the Impala still smells funny. (Please don't kill off any of the kids, heehee.)

5.) Hunters just can't watch a zombie show without pointing out what everyone is doing wrong.

I love crossovers, but those two are the ones I know the least about. But 2,3 and 5...ROFL!!

Username? eveylncarver
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Gen is my fav, but all pairings are welcome in my heart.
Maximum Preferred Rating? Whatever pleases you.
Other Notes/Preferences? I like Wee!fic and femslash


1) Good thing Garth was a dentist.

2) Cabin in the Woods crossover. The Winchesters have heard about teens disappearing after going on vacation to the same cabin. Maybe they talk to one of the surviving virgins? Maybe Jessica invites Sam out to her cousin's cabin with a group of her friends.

3) Meeting Charlie somewhere unexpectedly. Maybe they're on a case, maybe she got a job working at that tech company whose records they really need to look at.

4) Sam needs reference letters to apply to Stanford and he hasn't been at this school for very long.

5) Dean's first sawed off.

Edited at 2014-03-03 05:52 am (UTC)

The possibilities of both #1 and #3 :D

Fav. Pairings or Gen? Mainly Gen, but Destiel or Wincest is fine if your muse takes you in that direction
Maximum Preferred Rating? If it's Wincest, I prefer subtle and implied rather than explicit, if it's Destiel - anything up to NC17, go for it!
Other Notes/Preferences? I really enjoy Dean-centric stories, especially where we get to see Dean's inner-child getting up to mischief, or his softer side being all caring and adorable. I love slightly slapstick/cracky humour and clever banter. I prefer adult Winchesters to Teen or Wee!Chesters. I love Bobby to itty bitty pieces, but only in a Gen situation. Sorry, but I'm not a fan of older (JDM) John. Stories can be canon or non-canon, I'm easy! I don't really watch many other shows, so no crossover please :)


1. Dean finds an enchanted wardrobe in the Batcave that takes him ... you decide where.

2. Magic clothes are rarely a good thing, especially when they are made by the same sorcerer who made the 'Emperor's new clothes'.

3. Bobby and Sam are arranging a surprise party for Dean's birthday, despite Dean's annual threat that he'll make Sam pay if he does anything like that. Castiel just can't understand what this birthday stuff is all about.

4. It was bad enough when the Trickster turned Sam into the Impala, but now he's turned her into a living, breathing woman ... what sort of woman would she be; would she live up to Dean's expectations?

Edited at 2014-03-03 09:15 am (UTC)

Woo least one "naked" Dean prompt... :D

Username? blackrabbit42
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Sam/Dean = my otp
Maximum Preferred Rating? nc-17
Other Notes/Preferences? Please no het or pairings with Cas, John or Benny

1. Sam unexpectedly finds he enjoys this curse.
2. Sam and Dean end up owning or working in a sweets shop
3. Sam and Dean agree to get tattoos, but want to surprise each other with what they choose. One ends up with something ridiculously schmoopy, the other something totally badass.
4. Any SPN character discovers any other's pin board on pinterest

Edited at 2014-03-03 04:46 pm (UTC)

Bahaha--now I'm picturing some hunter's pin boards: "huntin," "killin zombies," "difference between ghouls and cannibals--ONE'S ALIVE AND ONE'S DEAD!," etc. The possibilities!!!

Username? Septembers_coda
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Either. Gen is great! All the ships except Wincest are good, but Sassy is my favorite.
Maximum Preferred Rating? Any
Other Notes/Preferences? No Wincest, please! Anything else goes: I love crack and weirdness, banter and humor, especially the humor of awkwardness…


1) Crazy!Cas realizes, when he loses it in S7, that he’s in love with Sam, or Dean, or both (up to you!) He has some very strange ideas about courtship.
2) Sam gets turned into a merman. Really, that’s all I need. ;-)
3) The brothers encounter a curse that can only be broken with… song. And it has to be GOOD. Someone (up to you who!) has a surprisingly great set of pipes that get the job done.
4) Cas gets addicted to truly horrible, low-brow reality shows—so badly the brothers have to stage an intervention.
5) The brother of your choice has to go undercover somewhere where he gets adopted by a posse of dreamy, purple-sparkles-loving, squealy, adoring tween girls. He finds it harder than he ever would have expected to extricate himself… or want to.


You people need to stop tempting me to write.

#4 is did you know this?

Fav. Pairings or Gen?Sam/Dean - Jared/Jensen
Maximum Preferred Rating?NC17 but not that fussy!
Other Notes/Preferences?No Dean/Cas, no Cas at all to be honest!
Would love some Season 9 fallout type stories
Sam's inner feelings about being possessed.
Sex pollen
Angst rather than humour!

Sam & Dean are trapped together and have to face the fallout from Sam's possession

Sam gets hit by sex pollen - Dean has to help

Sam decides to finally finish the trials

Username? boysinperil
Fav. Pairings or Gen? gen is great; if you need to make a pair I'm Dean-centric. I prefer him *not* with Sam, though, please.
Maximum Preferred Rating? As you wish.
Other Notes/Preferences? A dash of angst is never frowned upon, even in a feel-good comm like our lovely Big Pretzel! I would rather do without Garth or the Ghostfacers, otherwise side characters are awesome; Meg, Benny, Bobby & Ellen are faves.
1. Tell a story between two characters via letters and/or postcards.
2. Growing up in hotels has made Dean an expert in bad television. What's his most guilty secret?
3. Author's choice!

Oh number 1 I am a sucker for the story format. :)

Username? fannishliss

Fav. Pairings or Gen? Gen is fine. Otherwise, I love Sam/Dean, Dean/Cas, Sam/Cas, Sam/Dean/Cas, Meg/Cas, and Dean/Lisa. Feel free to write awesome fixit Sam/Sarah Blake if you like, or fix it between Sam and Ruby(2).
Feel free to pair Dean with any of the awesome SPN women, such as Jodie or Ellen, it can be Gen or HOT, either way is fine, but if hot, I see Dean as a bit of a sub in bed, so make him eager to please. If Sam, I love handsy, ginormous, caveman Sam (top or bottom is fine). If Cas, please make a sweet, gentle, somewhat overwhelmed Cas. :D

Maximum Preferred Rating? go for it, I am perfectly happy with rate G, Gen, or NC17 threesomes. Whatever your muse depicts!

Other Notes/Preferences?

--Meg/Cas. I secretly adore that pairing. Meg is brought back somehow -- why? how? She discovers that she is now capable of truly loving Castiel, which means new hope because the rules that damn demons forever no longer apply. Angel/Demon ftw \o/ :D

One thing I still long to see is Dean and Lisa to be reunited. Happy Lisa Reunion would make my day. :D

Another thing that would be great: Bela Talbot is working her way up the ranks of Hell, pretending serve Abaddon but planning to become Queen of Hell herself. How does she bring in Our Boys?

Or: Adventures with Charlie and Dorothy in Oz!

Or: curtain fic in the bunker, like Dean is arranging his kitchen utensils, or washing Baby in the garage, or doing the laundry. or, there is a secret pet. or, bunker! swimming pool fic. I bet the bunker has a steam room. Right???

Or: Impala pov, any of the above pairings. :)

or: Dean plays a revealing game of 'I never' with Charlie. The higher the rating, the better. :D

Edited at 2014-03-05 04:43 pm (UTC)

Meg/Cas doesn't have to be a secret adoration! Such an awesome pairing!

Username? candygramme
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Sam/Dean is my favourite, but I love Gabriel, Benny, Crowley and Death. (not necessarily all together!)
Maximum Preferred Rating? Anything from Genfic through to the adult stuff. I like dialogue better than porn though
Other Notes/Preferences? No Destiel for me, please. Snarky conversations make me squeeful!


1: There's a creature in the Batcave, it has tentacles, and it keeps calling for vengeance...

2: The fairies fight back.

3: Weechesters. Dean has to find a way to provide Sam with a new pair of Jeans, because he just split his last pair while John is off on a case, but there's a cop/social worker/someone of your choice watching him 24/7

4: More Weechesters. Metallica are coming to town. How will the boys manage to see them play?

5: For once, Gabriel, Crowley and Death find themselves in agreement about the way the boys are bickering and ignoring each other. They decide to take action.

These are all great prompts.

Username? the_green_bird
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Sam/Dean, Dean and Charlie (gen) with long-suffering Sam, weechesters (gen only please), anything with Crowley or Kevin
Maximum Preferred Rating? any
Other Notes/Preferences? Crossovers with: Psych, Leverage, Grimm or any version of Alice in Wonderland are good, too.

1. After Dean's second dislocated shoulder Sam insisted on no more LARPing, but Charlie called. How could Dean say no?

2. Even at ten years old, Sam knew that if something suspicious looking had a tag that read 'eat me' on it, you probably shouldn't. Dean however, could never resist sweets.

3. Being the King of Hell is no easy chore for a twenty year old Sam. Thankfully he has his consort Dean to keep things light.

4. Sam had always wanted a puppy (or kitten) as a kid, but as he'd grown up he'd realized that it just wouldn't be fair to the dog. Now they're settled in the bunker and Dean brings him a surprise.

5. "What is that thing, Dean?" "It's an egg, Sammy!"

Oh number five could be so much fun. :D

Username? yanyann
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Preferably Sam & Dean or Sam/Dean. But I'm down for anything you wanna do.
Maximum Preferred Rating? any
Other Notes/Preferences? if angst then happy ending please :)


1. Dean gives Sam a plant to take care of. Something long-lasting, easy-care and easy to transport. He gave it to him as a going-away-to-collage present or in lieu of a dog, later in life, earlier in life, whatever strikes your fancy. So, now it's been some years, what happened to it? Does Sam still have it? Did it live through their life in one piece? Does it have a place in the bunker? Did it change anything? Small or big?
(I kinda like the "Sempervivum tectorum", European "cactus"-like plant. That thing lasts forever with little to none care. I also like it because here in Croatia the common name for it is "Čuvarkuća" which translates to "Home Guardian", there is even a saying that kinda goes: Better a "Čuvarkuća" on the roof than guard dogs in the garden. But ANY plant you can come up with will be GRAND. :) )Čuvarkuća

2. "You can free the world you can free my mind
Just as long as my baby's safe from harm tonight" - "Safe From Harm" by Massive Attack

3. Sam/Dean AU - "Mountain Time" by Joe Bonamassa. Maybe one of them sings it to the other? (Dean with a guitar please? :D )

4. Suprise me. Anything that strikes your fancy. :)

Edited at 2014-03-10 11:30 am (UTC)

Oh these are fun. I really like number one.

Username: Phebemarie
Gen only
Maximum Preferred Rating: PG-13
Notes: If you set your story in the present season, please pretend the Gadreel plot-line never happened.

I apologize for these exceedingly silly prompts. :)

Prompt 1: Dean gets hooked on The Lizzie Bennett Diaries

Prompt 2: Crossover with Once Upon a Time. Dean and Sam investigate a small town called Storybrooke and find they are key players in fairy-tale world. Enchanted Forest alter egos for both brothers are a must have. :)

Prompt 3: Dean and Sam investigate a cursed theatre company's production of "The Scottish play". Will one or both Winchesters "take to the boards" in the pursuit of the supernatural?

Prompt 4: Dean and Sam get a case at Austenland America, a theme-park devoted to Pride and Prejudice. In order to solve the case, the Winchester will have to totally immerse themselves in Regency-era clothing and customs. (Idea inspired by Shannon Hale's Austenland).

Edited at 2014-03-10 01:49 pm (UTC)

#1 and #4-- I shamelessly want to enter now :D

Okay, I am throwing my hat in the ring

Fav. Pairings or Gen? Gen please
Maximum Preferred Rating?PG-13, language within context is okay.
Other Notes/Preferences?Gabriel is NOT dead. Prefer humor over schmoop but I'm not going to complain. I LOVE a good crossover.

1. Gabriel is not dead. He faked his death and has been lying low, but that is getting pretty boring. And it looks like the Queen of Moondoor could use a good Trickster jester for her court.

2. Dean, being the geek that he refuses to acknowledge he is, finds what he thinks is an original handwritten manuscript of a novel in the Batcave that he gets all excited over (think Alice in Wonderland, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Hobbit, etc). Except it is not the manuscript, it is the author's personal journal based on their experiences.

3. Something is wrong at the pie shop. Now that is research Dean can get into. While "researching" he discovers everything tastes like the wrong end of a bag of "Bernie Botts Every Flavor Beans". Not that keeps Dean from trying more and more pies. As the taste of each pie gets worse though, so do the side effects.

4. Cash is low, fake credit cards aren't working so Dean has stopped at a restaurant where they have one of those food challenges, you know, like Man Vs. a giant, too big for your stomach, plate of food in less than 30 minutes and your meal is free. He thinks he is up to the challenge. Sam is less that encouraging.

5. Sometime after "Clap You Hands If You Believe" (preferably also after Sam has his soul back), Sam and Dean are having a casual meal in a bar discussing fairies, angels and all of the things they thought weren't real and get into a heated discussion on whether aliens are real or not. Bonus points if someone like Murray (Teal'c), Mork, or someone from MIB, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Roswell, etc stops by their table for a brief moment.

Re: Okay, I am throwing my hat in the ring

These are great. I love three and four.

Username? antrazi
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Gen, het, slash, any pairing, I'm not picky. But please don't make it the main plot
Maximum Preferred Rating? G - NC-17, whatever you want
Other Notes/Preferences? Go wild!

1 - Gen. The Winchesters have a case and have to play pretend couple, Stanford era. John finds it hard to play his role, Dean is doing fine

2 - Dean & Becky. How did Becky picture Dean?

3 - Sam & Dean have a bit free time and watch TV. This guy on Gilmore Girls looks familiar...

4 - Teenchesters. Another new school. This time it's the Lawndale High School in Lawndale (Daria Crossover)

5 - John is home with the boys for a few weeks (recovering from wounds?). The school is forcing the boys to do at least one other activity and John comes faithfully to experience whatever they are doing (Be creative, nothing useful to hunting. For examples Ballet for Sam, Creative Writing for Dean...) long since I've seen Daria :D

Username: joajohns17
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Any really...not so much into wincest but if you want...
Maximum Preferred Rating? up to you
Other Notes/Preferences? I like weechester and teenchester... I like humor and Sassy Sammy... Don't mind a spanking or anything like that.... Dean in trouble is always good.

Don't really have any prompt...just use your imagination...where ever your muse takes you is good...

I've never really requested a fic before so I hope I did this okay...

Oh Wee! & Teen!Chesters are so much fun.

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