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Classic Rock, Big Pretzels, and PIE!

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Thanks! I love the boys on the road ;)

Totally in character for both boys! I can really imagine them doing this!

Thank you! I imagine they have all sorts of rituals in the car.

I love how you worked all the prompts into this little ficlet. Very clever :) And I agree with irismay42, I can totally see them doing this.

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At first I thought the challenge was to use all 5, and even after I realized I could just do 1, I wanted to work in all 5. I'm pleased :)

Oh, this is awesome! I can see this happening!!!

Thank you! I bet they have all sorts of car rituals.

Lol, that's awesome.

But sad because, y'know, of that bit when Dean and Sam are singing that song on the road to Hell.

Anyway, I love how the rules are implied and understood. Unlike the ones about dogs and Don, which need to be continually restated. =)

I thought I'd throw in a song everyone knows ;) I really feel like the boys would have all sorts of road rituals and can see this being one of them.

I actually like the idea that they could reclaim the song and make it more. Or, well, that's you've reclaimed the song. =)

I am in awe that you got all five in one fic. I can totally see them playing a silent game like this.

I really liked this idea.
Me and my brother play this game all the time. Doing things based on the time of when our song ends.
Lolz I could relate to it so well.
Loved it<3

Love it! Poor Sam's bladder ...

I love this. I think that the silent are we stopping-no we're not head game thing is something all siblings do and I adore this SO NORMAL but completely nuts game. Awesome, Wee!

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