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Let's show 'em the Power of the Pretzel!
Big Pretzel 1
ficwriter1966 wrote in spn_bigpretzel
Several of the bigger comms have already set up fandom auctions for the benefit of the victims of Hurricane Sandy -- but co-mods auntmo9, lolaann1, mamapranayama and I thought you guys would like your own chance to gather together and raise some funds for those in need.

We'll be fine-tuning this post throughout the weekend, adding more details and information, but for now:

Writers and artists:  if you'd like to volunteer your services to the highest bidder, please comment to this post telling us what you'd like to contribute.
Bidders:  jump right in and bid (by commenting to the offer) when you see something you'd like to win!

Minimum bid is $5; after that, bidding can increase in $1 increments.  (We'll be back later to let you know when bidding will finish.)

Winning Bidders:  we're working with our friends at, who have set up a fundraising page at, for the benefit of the Red Cross.  Donating there is quick and simple.  Just mention in the notes that you're making a donation for BigPretzel, using your LJ screen name.

We've got almost 400 people involved in this comm -- let's show the rest of the fandom what we can do!

ETA:  Offering and bidding will close at Noon EST on Saturday, November 10.


I'll get this started:

I will write a SPN fic to your specs (keeping in mind that I'm a Gen writer) - 100 words for each $1 you bid! Any characters, any point in the timeline, any mood, and I'll work closely with you to make sure the story makes you happy!

Although your drabbles are terrific, I'd like something a little more wordy. My opening bid is $20.00. :)

I will write an SPN fic to your specs (also a Gen/het writer, with a special knack for crack). 100 words for each $1 you bid. I tend to write on the short side but can go longer. Same as fic1966, you get to pick the time, the place, and the characters, and I will do my level best to please! I will even Mary-Sue you if you so desire. How's THAT for service?

For $5 I will write five drabbles. For $10 I will write five connected drabbles.

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I'll bid $5 for five drabbles. Crack is always welcome. I prefer gen or het. I'll have to get back to you on specifics.

I will write SPN fics. I tend to be Sam heavy, but will try others. I will offer five drabbles (or longer depends on my muse) for $5.00. I will write an additional piece for $1.00 each.

You can pick the prompts, but all prompts with anyone under 16 years old will be non sexual.

I can only ship Sam and Dean with each other and thier canon girlfriends.

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Re: I am offering...

Because I believe the world is a better place with more drabbles in it I'll bid $10.00 for five actual drabbles. :D

Okay, I'm doing two different comments for two different offers. But, for this first one...

I'm offering a longer fic. But how long is up to you. I'm offering 1,000 words for the minimum bid ($5) and 200 words for each additional $1. I'll write the fic to your specs (but I'm a gen/het writer, will NOT do RPF, and totally willing to do an xover with any fandom I'm familiar with. See my page for more info. I'm Patricia de Lioncourt there. If it's not there, but you really want it, ask and we'll see.)

Edited at 2012-11-03 07:31 pm (UTC)

3K SPN/Buffy crossover. Give me some Buffy/Dean :) How explicit is up to you as is timeline. I'm cool with anything from G to NC-17. I prefer upbeat rather than dark/depressing.

I will write one SPN fic or SPN crossover fic of a minimum 5000 words, increasing 500 words with every additional $1 bid.

Story can be just SPN or a crossover with a fandom I'm familiar with such as Harry Potter, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1, Vampire Hunter D, Batman Begins/Dark Knight, Batman the Animated Series, Firefly, Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries, Criminal Minds, Castle, NCIS, Avengers movie, White Collar, or Glee (or a combination).

Story can be Gen or Het. I've never written for non-canon slash before, but if you'd really like to see it, I'll do my best.

The prompt can be for any genre, kink, or rating *except* RPF, incest, underage sex, bestiality (not counting monsters), mpreg, and fixation on bodily fluids. Those are my only real limits. (For the record, I don't count angelcest as incest.)

I'll do my best to make you a happy camper :)

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I'm going to get something here, but I'm dying for a "Lie to Me"/ "Spn" crossover. I see it isn't listed. Is there a chance?

Now, for my second offer...

I'm a photo manipper, and I'm offering up to do art for your SPN story (or just general SPN art, it's up to you).

For the $5 bid, I'll do a set of 10 icons.

For $1 more, I'll do a cover image either to NaNoWriMo specs (230x300) or a little larger (500x700~), whichever fits your needs.

For another $1, I'll do a wallpaper as well (1024x768)

For another $1, I'll do a fanmix art with the songs you provide.

Anything more, and I'll do whatever additional formats you'd like, with the number of depending on the amount of the highest bid.

(For this, I'll do slash, but I won't do anything terribly explicit sexually b/c it's hard to do as a manipper. But I will do darker pieces--blood, gore, the like).

I bid $15 for a set of 10 icons.

I am willing to write 1000 words for $5, with an additional 200 words per $1 bid after that.

I will fill any prompt as long as it does not contain graphic sex or violence, and is gen, het or Dean/Cas. I do not write wincest or RPF.

I can also do crossovers with Castle, Chuck, White Collar, Bones, House, How I Met Your Mother, Buffy, Harry Potter and maybe a few others - you can give a suggestion and I'll tell you if I know the fandom well enough to write it.

3K SPN/House. Gen. House and the team are stumped by the mystical illness one of the boys has (you choose who).

I'll write a 1000 word fic for $5.00 with an additional 200 words per $1.00 bid after that.

I write any rating and most genres- crack, humor, dark (from slightly to pitch black), angst, hurt/comfort, weechesters, teenchesters, wincest, het (canon or otherwise ), gen. I do not write RPF and I prefer no character romances with angels, though I've got no objection to writing the angels themselves.

I've only written one crossover, but would be willing to give another a try. Leverage, The Stand, Harry Potter and possiblY Teen Wolf would be the other fandoms I'm familiar enough with to attempt.

Edited at 2012-11-03 09:48 pm (UTC)

Okay, I can't resist this! $20 for an SPN/Leverage crossover featuring Hardison - sound do-able?

(I'm thinking, he's a friend of Charlie the hacker, and when the boys contact her for help, she passes them on to Hardison? Yes? *bats eyes winningly*)

I'm also going to offer five 100 word drabbles for $5.00. You supply the characters and the prompts with the stipulations below.

I write any rating and most genres- crack, humor, dark (from slightly to pitch black), angst, hurt/comfort, weechesters, teenchesters, wincest, het (canon or otherwise ), gen. I do not write RPF and I prefer no character romances with angels, though I've got no objection to writing the angels themselves.

I'll bid on five 100 word drabbles. I'll have to get back to you on prompts.

Hand-drawn art & writing offers

Ack-- realized this was an *auction* after I posted! So...

I'll hand-draw an 8"x 10" graphite image of Sam and/or Dean, however you like, OR do a digitally manipulated image for you of any size, starting bid to be set by mods.

I'll write a story to your specifications for the going rate to be set by the mods. I normally write gen casefics or gen schmoop-- but for the cause, I'll write whatever you're interested in (except fics involving Jared and Jensen as Jared and Jensen, sorry.)

Edited at 2012-11-03 11:37 pm (UTC)

Re: Hand-drawn art & writing offers

Could you do the illustration as cover art for a fic?

You give me a prompt and I will write a 1000+ word fic for the winning bidder. I write mostly gen/humor/angst/hurt-comfort, but I'm willing to try writing just about anything except RPF. I can also do crossovers with 'Eureka', 'Stargate SG-1', 'NCIS','Psych', 'Once Upon A Time',and 'The Walking Dead'.

I also offer art: $5.00 starting bid for hand drawn art, photoshop banners, wallpapers, and etc.

Edited at 2012-11-03 11:46 pm (UTC)

I will be happy to bid on your art! Do you mean like if I give you a fic of mine you could make art for it?

Okay so, I offer 100 words for every $1 donated. Or 1k for $5 too.
I can do SPN, and SPN RPF
Can do Gen. Slash: Wincest, DeanCas, J2.
Any genre. Any rating.
And the only kinks that I wont do are: dub-con/non-con, watersports, extreme underage (meaning under 15 nah-ah!), daddycest, and beastality (like an actual animal/human. Were people and knotting I'm more than okay with)
Outside of that everything else is fair game (mpreg, crossdressing, first time blah blah blah)

Can do AU's and Non-AU's.

Edited at 2012-11-03 10:41 pm (UTC)

I see you're an H/C buff - I'll bid $10 for some Dean-Cas Purgatory fic (Gen). If you need prompts I'll put some together for you, but I'm perfectly happy to let your muse take you wherever she wants to go!

I will created 5 icons for $5, 1 wallpaper for $10, and cover art for a story for $5.

* I although, I would like to warn that I primarily read wincest. ;)

Edited at 2012-11-03 11:40 pm (UTC)

I would totally bid for the cover art (though most of what I write is gen...) We can work it out for a good cause! ;)

I'll do a story that's at LEAST 1,000 words long. I'm not very good at writing short, so you'll likely get more than that. However, the more you pay, the longer the fic.

Slash or gen - I'd do het if the bid was high enough. I'll write anything either spn or rpf, and I love to do crossovers if you have a burning desire for that kind of thing.

I won't write destiel, and I'd prefer not to write mpreg, but again, if the price is right, you could make me!

Edited at 2012-11-04 01:57 am (UTC)

I'll open @ $25 for your fic. :)

This offer is "off the beaten path" as I'm overloaded with writing for work. It's for jewelry – Supernatural or not, as high bidder prefers. My etsy shop is at

so you can see what kind of work I do. Winner selects color of beads and if final amount is over $50 we can talk certain gemstones too. For a Supernatural bracelet, I have charms to attach; the theme can be general, or Sam- or Dean-specific.

Start at $15.00 and go from there.

Edited at 2012-11-04 02:55 am (UTC)

Oooh, I would love one of your bracelets!! They are all fantastic! I'll start it off at $20! :))

1000 words for $5 with addt'l 200 word increments for $1 each up to a max of 10,000 words.

Gen or Het. I'll even try my best to be serious if you ask me to.

I am also willing to do crossovers with Buffy, The Walking Dead, or True Blood.

Awesome idea!!!

I can write anything YOU want, including Real People, mature and explicit work (with the inclusion of Mary Sue characters if you desire)
However, I can't promise my fluff to be that funny and I can't do series or really long fics.

Can do Gen, Het, Slash but there are better authors here for Gen or Angst than me.

I propose about 1,000 words for $ 8.00
or a fic of some 2,500 words for $ 20.00
and around 5,000 words for $ 30.00

Send me a PM or reply with ideas you'd like to explore to see if I am the right person for you.

I can also do crossover with Angel the Series or the Vampire Diaries, maybe even the X-Files

How do you feel about Crowley being Wolfram & Hart's new contracts liaison? I'm not real big into fluff, but I'd love to see the Angel crew and Crowley snark at one another.

I'd also like to offer up my art services. I'll illustrate any of your stories with drawings or manips.

For the minimum bid of $5, I'll do a banner/cover for one of your stories. For $10 or more, I'll do a banner/cover and a drawing or a wallpaper. If the bid's higher, we can work out a deal for more art or for art for more than one story.

Or, if you don't want a story illustrated: 10 icons or 1 wallpaper for every $5.

For artwork, I prefer not to work on Wincest/incest, mpreg, or underage sex. No other limits on genre, ship, or rating.

I'll start at $10.00 for a banner for one of my stories. I want art for my fic like crazy!

If anyone has a prompt for a fic that they'd like filling, I'm happy to write anything you want!

Gen and h/c or angst is more my comfort zone, but if you'd like something else I'm willing to have a go (though I should warn you that my attempts at writing sex, RPF or humour will probably be truly awful).

Would $1 for every 200 words be okay?

I'll start! $10 for 2000 words.

Photomanip Wallpaper + Journal Headers + Icons.

I'll do any character, any pairing.

$5 for 1 wallpaper (any size) + 1 header (up to size 400x1000) + 5 icons.

Additional $3 for every 1 wallpaper after that.
Additional $2 for every 1 header after that.
Additional $1 for every 2 icons after that.

$15 for a story banner

I'm offering graphic art for one of your stories. At least 1 large piece and up to 2 accompanying pieces.
Examples of some of my recent work can be found here

$15 for a story banner.

I'm offering to make a recording of your fic or of a fic of your choosing (pending author's approval)

- Up to 5K-ish words
- I prefer to record gen, het or SamnDean (no NC-17 please), but am willing to negotiate.

I'd so like to have a fic of mine podficced! I'll start at $15.00

I'm offering to write 500 words for $5, with an extra 100 for each dollar over that, up to 5000 words.

I am a gen/AU writer. If there is het at all, it is in the background or established relationship. Highest rating: PG-13.

Feel free to check out my journal for what I write.

I will give $15 for a 1500 Different Roads installment with Bill Cooper :)

I offer one fic for 1000 words or 5 fics (connected or not, depending on wishes) of 200 words for $5.
I tend to wrote short fics, so it won't get much longer.

I'm not capable of writing crack so I can't offer that.

I won't write RPF and if you want slash or het my max is R-rating.

For crossovers I offer Buffy/Angel, Star Trek (TOS, Voy or any of the movies), Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, MASH, Harry Potter, Eureka, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Lie to me, Arrow, Dark Angel or any other fandom you can find on my LJ

$10 for either the 1k, or the 5 fics of 200 words. But I would love a crossover out of it somehow. Because that is how my brain works.

I'm offering one Supernatural fic of minimum 1000 words from a prompt of your choice. (I can't offer a higher minimum, but it could end up a lot longer.)
AND one small associated piece of digitally drawn art (most likely a character illustration that doubles as a title banner like this one).

I will write pretty much anything that isn't underage (<16) sex. Ask and you will most likely receive.

I can write crossovers in the following fandoms (and anything else I've ever seen/read):
Smallville, Dark Angel, Criminal Minds, NCIS, White Collar, The Vampire Diaries, Fallen (the mini-series with Paul Wesley),
Gilmore Girls, Heroes, Charmed, The Big Bang Theory, Arrow, Chuck, Reaper, Psych, Terminator (movies or TV series... or both), House, Matthew Reilly's Scarecrow series, Ten Inch Hero, any show listed here, and any other fandom in my journal.

$10 for fic/art. I want SPN/Ten Inch Hero. Something's haunting the sandwich shop. Gen or I do think it would be fun for Dean and Priestly to compete for Tish's attention, especially if Tish insists Dean looks NOTHING like Priestly... but go whereever your muse takes you.


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