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Comment Fic Meme: "I didn't know you..."

I didn't know you...

The theme of this meme is "I didn't know you..." where one character finds out that another has an interesting hobby or likes something unexpected. Maybe Sam knits. Maybe Bobby films YouTube videos. Maybe Dean likes collecting marbles. Maybe Lucifer likes making salami. Whatever they enjoy doing, it's time we all find out.

Rules for prompting:
  • One prompt per comment, but prompt as many times as you like.
  • Prompts can be about anything (gen or with a pairing), but must feature one character having an unexpected like, and keep within spn_bigpretzel’s light-hearted theme.
  • You can post prompts inspired by aired episodes from season 8 as long as you put them in the spoiler tag: <lj-spoiler>Your spoiler goes here.</lj-spoiler>
Rules for filling:
  • Fills should be replies to the prompt that spawned them, whether you type the whole fic out in comments or post a link to your journal.
  • Fill as many prompts as you like. Prompts can be filled multiple times.
  • Art fills are more than welcome.
  • If you're posting anything over PG-13 or with spoilers please warn and link to your journal or post it in a spoiler tag.
  • Remember that this is spn_bigpretzel where we celebrate the sunnier side of Supernatural, so keep it sweet or silly.

Lastly, invite your friends to join in the fun by copying and pasting the text in the box into your journal. =)

P.S. If this meme doesn't tickle your fancy, there are still open prompts here, and we've got the SPN Election going on, too.
Tags: comment fic
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