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Vid! Sunshine Day
Charlie dancing
ash48 wrote in spn_bigpretzel

This is made for spn_bigpretzel's "Keep on the Sunny Side Video Challenge". The idea was to make a feel good vid that incorporated the theme "sun".

Title: Sunshine Day
Vidder: ash48
Music by: Sunshine Day by The Brady Bunch
Rating: G (features J2 and Sam and Dean)
Length: 1.50m
Summary: Behind all the angst there are all the smiles.

For thanks, notes and a DL link click here

Feedback is lovely - either here or at My Place :D

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This is funny and nice :) I wish though there was a new gag reel with the new funny stuff to toy with :))


I wish so too. I love it when the gag reels come out. LOVE seeing what they get up to behind the scenes. :)


This is great, just the job to stand in for the sunshine that is lacking over here in the UK at the moment!

Thank you!

And I know!I've been seeing the weather in the UK due to the river pageant. It's summer there isn't it? What gets me is that it's winter here in Perth, Aus and tomorrow it's 25 degrees. Crazy...

thanks so much for commenting. :)

That is AWESOME! And just what I needed on a dark, rainy Monday morning. Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge and sharing this with everyone!

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it.

And my pleasure. I really enjoyed have a chance to make a smily vid. :)


I already left feedback on your journal, but again, I just adore this!

Awww this is great! So fun. Definitely made me smile.

\o/ Great to hear! :D

This is very cute. Great use of video and audio clips (I liked hearing their laughter). I especially enjoyed the little bow you gave the Brady Kids at the end.

Thanks!! Glad you liked the laughing audio. :)

And I just HAD to include a clip of The Bradys. The are (were!) so adorable...



Adorable use of gag reel footage and the BRADY BUNCH!

Hee, that will be a tough act to follow. I've already left you a comment over at your journal, but again, this was awesome. ♥

Awww thanks hun! I can't wait to see all the others. I'm sure they will all be awesome! :DD


OMG this is so happy making!!!! :)

*hugs* Thanks hun! Glad you enjoyed it! <33

Aww, that was awesome and just the dose of happiness I needed! :D

Yay! Great to hear! :DD

(wheee... icon of cutiness! <33)

This was delightful! And I can't believe you found a Brady Bunch song of all things.

Great job!

Thanks! And YAY The Brady Bunch. I wasn't sure how I could make SPN and TBB come together - seems like such an odd mix. :)


This really did make me smile...great editing and a blast from the past song!

Thanks so much!

Thank YOU! I'm glad to hear it made you smile. :DD

LOL! This made me laugh AND it completely scared me. (The scary part? Not only do I remember the song, but I remember ALL THE WORDS. Unprompted. The original LP is somewhere in my parent's attic...)

Anyway, I loved it! Adorable and fun.

So glad I'm not the only one who remembers all the words :) Scary what's stored in the backs of our brains, isn't it? LOL!

HA!! I know! I hadn't heard the song for ages and as soon as it started playing I was singing it as though I heard it only yesterday. Oh man...

thanks so much for watching and commenting. :))

Adorable :) Liked the clip of the Brady Bunch at the end...can't believe we dressed like that back then. LOL!!

Thank you! And I KNOW!! I can't believe I used to crush on Peter /o\ AND try to be like Marsha...

Thanks so much for watching,

Now that was awesome. Love all the smiley, giggly clips with that song in the background. Had a kinda crap day today but this put a big smile on my face! Thanks for sharing! :)

Thank you! Glad it could pick you up after a crappy day. <333

This was simply adorable and lots of fun to watch. So many cute moments! It's a nice reminder of what I like about the show. Good job. :)

Thank you so much! :DD

Still absolutely brilliant, still absolutely hilarious - you just excel at these unusual and unique concepts - terrific work.

*glomps* Thanks you honey! Thank you (always!) for your wonderful support and encouragement. <333333333333

Loved! Loved! Loved! it. *Big smiles*

Yay yay yay :DD

Thanks so much for letting me know. :)))

So, I'm catching up on all the vids in one go. This is an awesome way to start. =)

Thanks! Great that you are watching all the vids. All that fun in one hit! :D

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