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Calling authors - time to tempt those artists ...
dizzojay wrote in spn_bigpretzel

We've got a very talented group of artists in the mix here at spn_bigpretzel -- and it's time to tempt them into illustrating your fic! All you have to do is cut-and-paste the block below, and pimp your story to the crowd by posting a synopis and snippet! You don't need to have a completed story at this point, but the more you have to give an artist once you have been claimed, the more they will have to work with to make you fabulous art work for your story!

Artists ... If you see something you like, go ahead and claim it in the comments! Our goal is to match an artist with every story, so if a story has already been claimed, please choose another one. We'd like to see each story have at least one illustration -- a banner, a scene illustration, perhaps a set of icons or small illos that can be used to separate scenes or chapters. Once the mods have okayed your claim, go ahead and contact the author so the two of you can work together on a finished product.

You can participate as both an author and an artist, and you can do artwork for your own story.

If we have a small number of artists, we will have a second round of claims and if interested, you can claim more than one story.

FINISH LINE: June 20, 2017

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b>Author:</b> Dizzojay
Recipient: Twisted_Slinky
Original Prompt: Spring cleaning means tossing out the old, stained, ratty denim and flannel and buying new clothes
Title: The Hunters' New Clothes
Synopsis: Doing the laundry is a depressing task when most of your clothes look like they aren't fit to mop a floor. But hey, there's a new thrift store in town, and oddly enough, there's plenty of gear there that fits our boys perfectly. But there might just be more to our boys' new sartorial selections than meets the eye. Or more appropriately, less ...
Snippet: As Sam folded the washing, he took inventory …
Eight shrunken T-shirts with holes under the armpits
Four ratty pairs of jeans mottled with stains of indeterminate origin;
One almost entirely bald fleece hoodie;
One saggy grey Henley that was so stretched and mis-shapen, it could actually be a tarpaulin;
Thirteen odd socks;
One canvas jacket which still stunk of chupacabra fluids even after having been washed seven times;
Two pairs of sweatpants with no discernible elastic;
Six moth-eaten plaid shirts with half the buttons hanging off;

Pathetic wasn’t even the word.

His melancholy musings were interrupted when Dean strolled into the room. Freshly showered and in search of coffee, he was sporting only the dead-guy robe, untied and flapping open in the breeze together with a pair of threadbare black boxers which were graced with a very unfortunately placed hole.

Sam finally broke.

"Dude, we have GOT to buy some new gear."

I will take this one if I can

Author: milly_gal
Recipient: jennytork
Original Prompt: Spring Cleaning The Bunker
Title: Don't read aloud in front of the books!
Synopsis: Dean and Sam decide it's time to dust off the odds and sods room, they're not entirely they'll survive what they find.
Snippet: Swinging a broken chair leg wildly in front of his face whilst trying not to let the thing hovering four feet from the floor get a decent grip on it, Dean attempts to count the teeth glinting menacingly at him in the dull light of the Bunker’s junk room. “What the hell are you, some kind of experiment gone hideously wrong?”

The hissing, spitting, growling flying Yorkshire Terrier with a pale pink bow in it’s hair and a mouth full of teeth that a Great White Shark would be proud of zips forward, wings fluttering at an unnatural speed. “Back off Cujo-junior, don’t make me get the bug spray. SAMMY!”

The dog-fairy-hybrid thing snarls at him and Dean wonders who’s idea it was to Spring Clean the damned Bunker. Some crap should stay dusty and disused. “Let’s clean out the junk room, he said. It’ll be fun, he said. SAM WINCHESTER GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!”

I want this, please! Killer Yorkies for the win! LOL

*SNORTS* I think I'm okay to say - The killer Yorkies are yours :D but just in case we'll wait for Dizz :)

Author: theymp
Recipient: candygramme
Original Prompt: Sam takes a Zumba class. Dean's horror leads him to...? / Dean loses his memory on a hunt and takes a job in a diner. The Poltergeist objects. Can Sam save the day?
Title: Dancing Daze
Synopsis: Determined to keep up with his brother, a Zumba-related accident leads to an amnesiac Dean finding work in a diner.
Sam spotted him and waved a greeting. "Hey Dean, there's just one more routine to go," he called.
It's not paranoia if they're all actually out to get you, thought Dean, as all eyes in the room turned as one towards him. He raised his own hand in a weak gesture in response. He had a horrible, terrible premonition of what was coming that wasn't eased by the barrage of comments and questions provoked by his appearance.
"Aw, is this your Dean?"
"Hubba hubba!"
"Why doesn't he join in?"
Dean's heart sank. Perhaps he was the psychic one after all.
"Yeah, no, I'm not really dressed for it," he answered, making a pitch for nonchalance while pointing down to the evidence of his tattered jeans and boots.
"That's okay, we're doing a cool-down routine now, anyway," replied Sam helpfully.
Dean sighed, deciding there was no graceful way he could win this battle. Besides, how bad could it be?

Well, I normally wait until last on these things, but given that we're still waiting on a couple of artists, I'm going to throw my hat into this ring. Dean in a leotard?
I'm sorted :D

Thanks for picking me - but yikes - I think that premise would prove way too distracting!

I was going for something a bit more vulnerable...

Dean tugged self-consciously at the hem of the too-large sports T-shirt he'd liberated from his brother as once again he found himself the focus of intense female scrutiny.

"Sam says I eat too much and I need to take better care of myself," he admitted, although the force of the immediate rallying cry of denial from the ladies who'd heard his comment was an immediate ego boost.

Author: jennytork
Recipient: dizzojay
Original Prompt: Dean gets a modeling contract
Title: Runway Hunter
Synopsis: After attacks at shows, an agent calls in the brothers. And there's only one way to blend in...

Erin looked up from her desk and blinked at the two Adonises that had just appeared in her doorway. "....holy...." she breathed, standing up. "Who in the hell...."

"Miss Wade?" the tall one smiled, showing dimples that took her breath. "I'm Sam Winchester and this is my brother Dean. We spoke on the phone."

Erin's mouth worked for a moment, then she gasped, "You're John's boys?"

'Yes, ma'am," they chorused. Then the shorter of the pair – Dean, she remembered his name was – said, 'Can you tell us exactly what happened?"

Right, then. Time to get back to business. She sat down and told them about the models who had been attacked. She showed them pictures of the four, and Dean's eyes widened. "Sammy, look at this. Every one has the same characteristics."

Sam nodded. "Red hair and tall. Other than that – not so much."

Dean snorted softly. "Well, at least we know this 'fog' has a type. Miss Wade, can you show us where it happened?"

"Follow me." She led them to the place and showed them where the attack happened. Dean frowned up at the ceiling. "It seemed to come from the sprinkler system, then?"

"That's not the sprinkler system. I mean it was, once upon a time, but it's not been for years and years. When they built the recycled water system, they disconnected the sprinkler system and the water tank on top of the building from it."

Edited at 2017-05-27 03:50 am (UTC)

Twisted Slinky, writing for Millygal is self-arting.

*jumps up and down and does a happy dance*

Candygramme writing for TheYmp

Candygramme is having tech problems, but here are the prompts she is incorporating into her story:

1: The newly hired cleaner in the Batcave
2: Sam is a sloppy person and Dean is a neatfreak
3: Sam holding a party for Dean.

A full synopsis and/or snippet will be posted when her technology decides to play nice!

Re: Candygramme writing for TheYmp

Newly hired clearer for the Batcave? Hee, hee, hee - and here I just found my copy of Puck of Pook's Hill.

Re: Candygramme writing for TheYmp

Were you interested in doing art for this one?

Re: Candygramme writing for TheYmp

I might be able to pull off a title page, if she would like.

Re: Candygramme writing for TheYmp

Great, thank you - you got it!

Candygramme, writing for TheYmp

Sorry for the delay. I spent the last few days recovering my computer ftom a virus. This is how the story goes:

Everyone thinks Crowley is dead - especially Lucifer, and even though Lucy is trapped in an alternate reality, Crowley is lying low. So when Dean finally becomes exasperated by his brother's slovenly habits, Crowley takes the job of... Dean calls im the maid, but he would rather think of himself as a butler.

He has no idea just how difficult the job is going to be, until Sam enlists him to help plan a birthday Party for Dean. The kitchen will never be the same again.

I don't have a title yet, because I suck at titles. Maybe a brilliant artist can help me with one?

Re: Candygramme, writing for TheYmp

I can do some art for you.

Re: Candygramme, writing for TheYmp

Thank you so much.
I'm just checking if Just_Ruth (who commented first) is arting for this one, if not, it's yours.
If she is, would you be interested in arting for Jennytork?

Re: Candygramme, writing for TheYmp


Re: Candygramme, writing for TheYmp

Hey there
Can I pair you with Jennytork?
Then we're all done, and everyone has an artist!

Thanks :)

Re: Candygramme, writing for TheYmp

i can do that

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