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It's BAAACK!!... Announcing the 6th Annual Spring Fic Exchange!
Animated Big Pretzel
auntmo9 wrote in spn_bigpretzel
Spring fic 2017 Sunny meadow green wallpaper
banner by dizzojay

We celebrated our 5th birthday earlier this year. Anyone who has been with us for the long haul knows that this was one of our first big challenges that we ever did as a community. For six years running now it has been our flagship challenge and it is a hallmark of who we are, so of course we absolutley have to continue this wonderful spn_bigpretzel tradition!

We are once again off to a late start (but not as late as last year). Since spring doesn't really end until June 20th this year so we are going for it! Because of that however, we will be on a tighter schedule than we have had in the past (see below)

This is the sign-up post FOR AUTHORS who wish to participate in the 6th Annual spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange.

ARTISTS will sign-up at a later date, once we know which stories need illustrating.  And, yes, you can participate as both an author and an artist if you wish.
How long does the fic have to be? A minimum of 1000 words.  The sky is the limit if your muse really latches on, but don't get too ambitious.  Remember, you're writing this as a gift and you have limited time,even less than in the past.  We don't want anyone to go giftless on reveal day.

How does it work for authors? In a nutshell, anyone who wants to participate will need to include 3-5 prompts on this post and list any preferences they may have (see questionnaire below). We'd like everyone to end up working with a prompt they really like, so rather than the mods matching everyone up, we're going to let the participants pop back in and claim a fellow writer as their "exchange buddy."   (see schedule below). To be clear - When you come back to claim a "buddy," you'll be claiming the person, along with all of their prompts. That person -- along with all of their prompts -- then gets crossed off the "available" list.  Once claimed, feel free to work with your buddy to tailor the story to them.

How does it work for artists? Midway through the process, we'll ask each writer to post a short blurb about their story so that the artists who'd like to participate can stake a claim. (Since these will be short fics, we'll ask the artist to contribute a small banner or a single illo, perhaps an icon -- unless, again, their muses go wild!) From that point, writer and artist can work together to produce a finished little gem to share with the comm.

Sign-ups: April 11th- April 20th
Claiming: April 21st- April 24th
Posting of story synopsis for artist claiming: May 22nd
Finished story/art posting: June 14th- June 20th* (Goodbye spring, we shall miss you!)

*May extend the posting schedule to multiple days, depending on number of participants.

Please copy and paste the questions below into the comments and fill in the blanks along with leaving your 3-5 prompts.  Remember, this is bigpretzel, so keep the prompts light in tone.  No dark!fic, no rip-your-heart-out angst, nothing intended to depress the reader for weeks, and no RPS, please.  Think humorous or aww.  And crossover prompts are more than welcome as long as they, too are light or humorous. You know the drill :)

Fav. Pairings or Gen?
Maximum Preferred Rating?
Other Notes/Preferences?


Note: This little questionnaire is intended to aid an author in tailoring their story to your preferences. It probably doesn't need to be said, but please don't bash in your preferences. If you *really* dislike a certain character, genre, story arc, etc - be diplomatic about it, because someone else here may love it. For example - Preferences: No BMOL stories please. - As opposed to - Preferences: I think that the whole BMOL story arc sucks balls and if I see any mention of it in a story I prompt, I am going to poke my eye out with a stick.  

Any questions?  Just ask.

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Yay! My favourite challenge - I'll get my thinking cap on!

Username? jennytork
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Gen
Maximum Preferred Rating? PG-13
Other Notes/Preferences? No Mark of Cain/Demon Dean/BMoL storyline arcs please. I do love the Bunker, though.


* Spring cleaning the Bunker

* Sam the Librarian turns out to be more than just Dean's affectionate teasing

* Why do we never see Dean reading as much as we do Sam? Eidetic memory!

Username? milly_gal
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Sam/Dean, Cas/Crowley.
Maximum Preferred Rating? Anything will do.
Other Notes/Preferences? No Destiel thanks :)
Prompts. #1 Cleaning out the loft in the Bunker - Wacky funtimes ensue. #2 What is it that Sam does when Dean's out at a bar alone? #3 Anything prank related :D

Username? Dizzojay
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Gen will be fine
Maximum Preferred Rating? n/a
Other Notes/Preferences? Loves me some Bobby. If you want to veer away from canon and include my adorable crusty ol' codger, go for it! :)
No crossovers for me please. I'm a Supernatural only kinda gal.
Prompts 1. Dean somehow manages to win/obtain a modelling contract - how does he fare? How does everyone else react?
2. Angels don't swim - it's all because of some crap about wings and feathers ... Despite this, the brothers think that teaching Cas basic water survival skills is a good thing. Is it?
3. Trickster time. Suddenly Dean's a car and Baby's a fine lady. Madness, confusion and maybe some flirting ensues ...
4. There's an infestation (of what????) at the bunker and the boys have got an itch...

Don't know why all my prompts have come out bold but, hey-ho!

Why do I think you have high hopes that being itchy will lead to being naked....

And somehow prompts #1and #2 involve showing a fair amount of skin as well....

Edited at 2017-04-13 06:04 pm (UTC)

How could you possibly think such a thing of me????

Because she knows you ;)

Username? candygramme
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Sam/Dean or Gen
Maximum Preferred Rating? No preference
Other Notes/Preferences? Not a one

Dean loses his memory on a hunt and takes a job in a diner. The Poltergeist objects. Can Sam save the day?

The Council for Supernatural Beings comes to beg Sam and Dean for help against the BMOL.

Rowena is grouchy and shrinks the boys down to 6 inches tall.What will they do?

Sam takes a Zumba class. Dean's horror leads him to...?

Balthazar still loathes Celine Dion. He rounds up a group to take her out. Can the brothers save her?

Edited at 2017-04-16 05:21 am (UTC)

Username? theymp
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Dean/Castiel, but pretty much anything, or gen
Maximum Preferred Rating? n/a so long as there's a plot!
Other Notes/Preferences? I prefer comedy over schmoop

1. From the POV of the Winchesters' newly-hired cleaner
2. Dean's a neat-freak and Sam's kind of a slob
3. Dean's suddenly got (cursed with?) travel sickness so bad he can no longer drive or ride in the Impala
4. Sam's trying to plan a surprise party for Dean
5. Sam finds a gray hair; he doesn't take it well.

Username? Twisted_Slinky
Fav. Pairings or Gen? Gen preferred or Cas/Meg, Crowley/Dean, Dean/Jo, Bobby/Jody
Maximum Preferred Rating? M
Other Notes/Preferences? I'm not a fan of Wincest, please, though close Sam & Dean is fine. I'd prefer no Mpreg either. :)

1.) Spring cleaning means tossing out the old, stained, ratty denim and flannel and buying new clothes.

2.) A happier pregnancy. One of Jody's girls (or Jody herself) is pregnant, and when Sam & Dean find out they fall into a mad panic to make sure their friend has everything they need for a nursery...Maybe also some odd, supernatural related precautions as well.

3.) Sam and Dean, since living in the bunker, have encountered a problem they've never had before...clutter. So they decide to haul their things to the side of the closest road and have a Yard Sale.

4.) Sam tasks Dean with cleaning the oven, and Dean becomes convinced it's possessed.

5.) Castiel has a closet/room at the bunker? What's in it?

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