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Classic Rock, Big Pretzels, and PIE!

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Oldies but Goodies Rec: That Time Cas and Crowley Got High And Watched Fireworks
Cas Complex
cuddyclothes wrote in spn_bigpretzel
Oh my god!  Time flies!  Here's a self-rec blast from the past

Art by the amazing patriciatepes
Author: cuddyclothes
Genre: crack
Characters: Castiel, Crowley
Word count: 1254
Takes place somewhere late in Season 6
Rating: PG
Written for the spn_bigpretzel Summer Vacation Reverse Bang in 2013

Castiel wants to apologize for everything he's done to Crowley, so he brings some really strong weed. They both get incredibly stoned, get the munchies and go to Atlantic City for the Fourth of July. Things go sideways from there.

“It’s time that we smoked the pipe of peace, Crowley. It’s time for me to apologize for—you know—being God, letting out the Leviathan, betraying you. If you don’t want to smoke, I can bake a bundt cake.”


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