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Classic Rock, Big Pretzels, and PIE!

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Oldies but Goodies Rec
BP posting rec
auntmo9 wrote in spn_bigpretzel
Let's get this party started!

So back in 2012, we hosted the "Sunny Side Video Challenge", challenging vidders to create a fanvid with a "sunny" theme since Big Pretzel's tag line is "The Sunnier Side of Supernatural". All of the enteries were incredible. As the mod running this challenge, I am so glad I didn't have to vote becuase how do you decide when all of the enteries are this good? But the comm voted and the winner was ash48. As always, her videos have great footage with impecable timing, and the music....Sunshine Day- the BRADY BUNCH!! Her original post on the comm can be found here. But for grins, here is the video:

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This is really really sunshine!!! *sings along again*
you can't but smile!

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. It is a wonderful video!

Wheeee! Happy memories. :) Thanks for this.

Thank you! This brought joy to so many of us and it is fun to re-visit this among so many other things this month!

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