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Dew - Best of British
jared neck
jj1564 wrote in spn_bigpretzel
Title: Best of British
Prompt: DEW – Sam and Dean, and Britain
Rating: pg13
Characters: Jody, Mary, Sam and Dean
Word Count: 100
Summary: Mary and Jody disagree over the best British band.
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, this is just for fun.

Image result for dean winchester looking awkward

“The best British band ever - The Rolling Stones.” Jody says.

“You’re joking, it’s The Beatles.” Mary retorts.

“No way, they were goody two-shoes, the Stones were the real rockers - still are.”

“Yeah, they’re really rockin’ now – with their Zimmer-frames.”

“Good one, mom.” Dean chips in.

“So, you think The Beatles are better than The Stones, Dean?” Jody asks.

Crap, why did I open my mouth? Dean thinks, adding “I’m sittin’ on the fence.”

“But Dean, you’ve always said that Led Zeppelin’s the greatest British band.”

“Gee, thanks, Sam.” Dean mutters, as Mary and Jody both glare at him.

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What, no one's gonna vote for The Wombles?

They're the band the every day folks left behind...

Lol . . awwww . . . lol :)

Or even The Wurzels...

Ha! That was my first thought, before I settled on the Wombles :))

LOL. What about Queen?

What about The Clash? ;p

LOVED it!! :D

Thanks my dear!

The Clash are Crowley's choice...I see him as an old punk rocker!

You're welcome, Luv. :D

Aaah... I bet he likes the Sex Pistols too! ;p

Yup!! :D

(And now I've got Dean in my head wondering why we're going on about Crowely's fave bands. XD)

Dean's only jealous that we're not talking about him for a change!

Oh, some arguments should just be stayed away from. Poor, Dean

Yep, Dean was trying to stay neutral!

Of course Sam dobbed him in.

And clearly they're all wrong and it's The Kinks.

Yep, they all like The Kinks - and the band of the same name, hee hee!


I see what you did there.

Yep, I'm as subtle as a ton of bricks!

That's pretty damn subtle.

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